Chicken Cull Pen

Why Cull?

Students will show the 3 largest chickens that are the most similar in size and shape. To allow chickens to grow as much as possible, we need to remove chickens as we progress. This will serve several purposes:

-Allow you to focus more on the better chickens

-Allows chickens to have more space walk, eat, and drink

Culling chickens is as important as providing feed and water! This is an essential step in the success of your chickens.

How to Cull

Write all chickens' wing bands down, weigh each chicken individually, record all weights. The lightest chickens should be culled.

If you have a chicken with a broken wing or leg, they should be culled immediately.

Cull Pen

This evening:

All students should put in 1 feeder & 1 waterer, along with shavings.

Once chickens have been put in the pen, chickens should be fed plain chicken feed and plain water. (These chickens will be fed enough to keep them growing until they are processed.)

*You will be responsible for paying to have all your chickens processed that remain at the barn on Sunday, January 10th.

*All students will be responsible for making sure the chicks are fed, watered, and the shavings cleaned out.

The cull pen is reserved only for the students in our chapter: Stanley, Madison, Averill, Morgan, & Reese.