The New World

And why you should go there!

The New England Colonies

Wanna know what makes up the New England Colonies?

The colonies that make up New England is Massachusetts Plymouth and Massachusetts Bay Colony, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut.

Farm like you've never farmed before.

Do you like farming as well as spending time with your family by working with them? Then the New England colonies are the colonies for you! The farms are smaller than the ones down south and the soil is rocky. You'll have to practice subsistence farming in order to be efficient in farming. But it won't be just you working on the farm, your children can do all the other work such as, spinning yarn, preserving fruit, milking cows, fencing in fields, and sowing and harvesting grain. So you'll have to rely on them a lot to do the other tasks.

The business life!

New England has a lot of small businesses. People used streams and small rivers to run their mills. If you are a woman and want to sell your extra cloth, garments, or candles, then you can come here to make a profit! If you are a blacksmith, shoemaker, furniture maker, gunsmith, metal smith, or a printer, then you'll want to go to the larger cities to get some money for your work. Ship building is important industry as well! If you just want to sit back and fish, then that is fine too! There are a lot of fish to catch and sell.

Trick of the trade.

If you want to be the center of the shipping trade, then you'll want to go to the northern coastal cities. New England ships sail south along the Atlantic coast. They trade with the colonies and with islands in the West Indies. They will also trade with Great Britain and West Africa.

Triangular Trade routes!

There were three triangular trade routes. One went from the British Colonies to Great Britain and then back to the West Indies then to the British Colonies again. Another went from the West Indies to Great Britain then to West Africa and back to the West Indies. The third one went from the West indies to the British Colonies then to West Africa and back to the West Indies.


The Middle Colonies consist of...

The colonies of New York, Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania make up the Middle Colonies


Farming in the Middle Colonies is a lot better than the New England Colonies. If you can actually make a decent profit from selling crops. These crops is what we call cash crops. If you move to New York or Pennsylvania, you can grow large quantities of crops.

Different businesses other than farming!

If you don't like farming, you can get a different job. There are a lot of different jobs available such as Carpentry, mining, lumbering, and small-scale manufacturing.

Settlers and the countries they came from.

There was nearly 100,000 immigrants sent to work in the Middle Colonies. The immigrants are German, Dutch, Swedish, and other non-English immigrants.

The Southern Colonies

The colonies that make up the Southern Colonies

The colonies that make up the Southern Colonies are Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia.


If you really love farming, you will want to go to the Southern Colonies. The soil is rich and the climate is warm. You can also grow cash crops here too! The main cash crop is Tobacco. The tobacco is sent to Europe to be sold. In some places in the Southern Colonies, people grow rice but it is very hard work.

Plantations and slave codes!

If you are lazy and want other people to do your work for you, then you'll want a plantation. Plantations are found in the Tidewater region of the Southern Colonies. People have made slave codes which are rules on what a slave can and can't do. Slaves are a good way to work your farm without leaving your house!

The Backcountry

The Backcountry is a mountainous region that was settled by hardy newcomers. They had slaves that grew corn and tobacco.