The New Invention

by Francisco Diaz

The wheeled cart

In Mesopotamia we have created a wheeled cart. So that means for farmers you can hold your food,materials in the cart (hand’s free!). Also if you're a build then you can hold your materials in the cart so you have more hands to work, and if you work more you can get more money. The cost is 35 iron coins. The hundredth person to buy a brand new cart gets another cart FOR FREE. So that more materials in your cart for work maybe you can have one at your work and your home. Just come to the city-state in Babylon for your own wheeled cart. Remember 35 iron coins for your own.

Carts getting lost,flooded away or stolen

Also if they get destroyed by a tornado or any other thing, you can get the first repair for free. Also the king Abram gets his for free for his needs. Also if you're a trader than just trade some food or materials than I would gladly love to trade. Also if your wheeled cart get washed away by a flood, try to look for it for about 5 days. Than come to my shop and you will get a half off price. But if you're lying then Abram will he will torture you, if you lie to me.