By: Diego Salinas

What I learned.

Perseverance is the act of not giving up even though a person might go through adversity. In order to do this a person must solve any advertises if they want to persevere. They also must be very resilient, eloquent, and both physically and mentally strong.

Lady Jags.

The Lady Jags are a confident, determined, basketball team who persevered through many adversities.

Some problems they faced where drugs, anger issues, and a 212 losing streak in basketball. They had their coach on the team to help them. They also had to resist the temptation to give up. One example is that one girl tried marijuana when she was 8. Also another girl with anger issues made a promise to the coach that she would not get angry for the whole session. All the girls had goals they wanted to meet in and out of the court. With hard work and not giving up they did. It was not easy though all the girls came from very rough childhoods and abusive parents who were also a bad influence.
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Carry on.

On an ESPN documentary called “Carry on” told the story of two inspiring people, Dartanyon Crockett and Leroy Sutton, who both had disabilities. Leroy Sutton and Dartanyon Crockett have both faced many adversities, but persevered through them. These two “brothers” have faced similar problems in life and ended up in different places. Leroy lost his legs in a train accident but unlike Leroy who couldn't walk, Dartanyon is legally blind because he was born with leber's disease. There childhood is even worse. Dartanyon’s mom died when he was only 8 years old. His dad abused alcohol and drugs. Sadly Dartanyon never had a permanent place to call home. However he was a wrestling champion in high school. Leroy was raised by his grandmother. He has serious trust issues especially with the people who were close to him. He had trouble in school. Just like Dartanyon he wrestled in high school with him. These two people grew up like brothers and helped each other out. Along with them helping each other out they were also both helped out by an interviewer named Lisa Fenn. Lisa was a big part of their life and she is still in touch with the boys to this day. As time passed by the boys graduated from high school. Now this was a big accomplishment because there graduation rate of their high school was less than 50%. After high school they didn't know where to go. Both of the could not afford college and they did not live in a neighborhood with many work choices. This actually was not the case for them, Lisa had a friend who helped get money donated for college. After the money was donated lisa took Leroy and Dartanyon on a trip to Colorado. The trip changed Dartanyon’s life. Over at Colorado they were shown a sport named judo. Dartanyon was interested and decided to move to Colorado. Things were going great for him, he had his own room and a permanent place to live. He was even won a bronze medal in london for judo. For Leroy he went on to become a full time college student to become a technician and later even became a father. Even though Leroy and Dartanyon had many adversities, they persevered through all of them and turned out great.

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Eric Legrand

First in 2010 a football tackle left Eric LeGrand paralyzed from the neck down. Eric had to keep a positive attitude and outlook. So far, mentally he hasn't changed a bit. Next in 2011 Eric met his idol at a Broncos game, Davis, he said he had become a big fan of Eric because he hasn't let his disability get him down and he’s out there front and center talking about his situation and fighting for others with similar problems. Then in 2014 Eric was inducted into the New Jersey Hall of Fame in 2012 where he had his way to the Media Day spectacle at the Prudential Center. He also attended the Super Bowl Host Committee party and ESPN’s annual Super Bowl bash. The biggest thing he did was when he appeared on Radio Row was to spread the word about which is a organization hoping to oneday find a crue for paralysis. In the meantime they are trying to improve quality of life for people with paralysis and trying to raise money for specialized treadmills which cost around $90,000. Finally today Eric is still inspiring people and his balance is improving.