Vote for CoCo Chanel

By: Chelsie Ross E block

Chanel's Begining

Originally born as Gabrielle Chanel, CoCo was born on August 19th 1883 and died on January 10th 1971 at the age of 87. CoCo was born in Samur, France but grew up in Issoire until the age of 12 or six years old when her mother Jeanne died maybe from tuberculosis and the stress of having a baby over and over again. After her mom died her dad came back and then dropped them off at his moms house and was never seen again. Since his mom wasn't that rich she couldn't afford to keep his children so she sent his two boys to go work at a farm and CoCo with her two sister to an orphanage in Correze France.

Significant event.

I think that one of Coco's most significant events was when her mom died. I reason I think its because when her mom died is because that's when her life started to officially fall apart. Her brothers were gone, her dad left her officially and never came back, and she had to live in an run down orphanage.

Good Traits

I think that one good trait about Chanel is that she had been through so much growing up but she overcame it and started a new life. She didn't give up on what she believed and what she wanted. For example she was dating a Nazi and spying for them also. Then people fond out about it and asked her what was wrong with her? and etc. But she chose to stay with the Nazi and continue to spy on them because that's what she wanted and she believed that nothing was wrong with that.

One Interesting Fact About Coco.

Chanel Claimed to be a really good Horse back riding. Chanel was famous in the horse back riding world because she rode a two year old stallion going off into the woods which impressed many.