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Message from our Social Worker

The holiday season can be a major stressor for teenagers. This stress can impact our teens moods and can be especially difficult for teens who may be struggling with their mental health. For many, the holiday season is filled with family traditions, time spent with loved ones and various social gatherings. While some individuals love all of this, for others it can be overwhelming. It can also be a time of increased symptoms of anxiety and depression. Make sure you are checking in with your teenager to see how they are managing the added stress that comes with the holiday season. Here are some ideas on how to help them navigate this time of year.

  1. Allow them to say no to a social event if they are feeling as though they are overbooked. If there are certain ones that are a must for the family, discuss ahead of time which ones could be missed.

  2. Ensure your teen is getting enough sleep. With all of the added events sleep can often be jeopardized. Not getting enough sleep can exacerbate any mental health symptoms.

  3. Check in with them often regarding how they are feeling. Monitor any signs or concerns of depression or anxiety. If there is a loved one missing, acknowledge the absences and see how your teen is feeling.

  4. Let your teenager know what to expect. Any change in routine can be challenging. The more they can be kept in the loop, the more we can lessen their anxiety.

  5. Encourage good eating habits and exercise. It can be easy to neglect both of these as we are always on the go. Making sure we are taking care of our physical help can also help us care for our mental health.

As parents, it is important to listen to your teenager as well as paying attention to any changes in mood or behavior. If you have concerns, talk with your teen about it and if needed, reach out for additional support.