Women & Children on the Goldfields

By Kaeciana


In 1854 there were about 12500 men and about 4000 women in Ballarat. 5% of women were single on the goldfields. Over the years more women came out to join their husbands on the goldfields. In Decemeber 1852, there were about 12 000 children in the goldfields.


Parents had to move onto new goldfields because the previous goldfields were running out of gold. Lots of children were tired and exhausted from moving from another goldfield. There were limited schools near the goldfields so children didn't attend any more.


On the goldfields, in the time of when the goldrush started, health was treated very poorly. Diseases, flus, and the plagues spreaded through the goldfields. That made several people die nearly every day. Children suffered from measles, dirty water and plagues. Women suffered the same thing.

Womens health on the goldfields was very poor. When they were about to have a baby, no hospital was near, women had babies in tents assisted by other women. Women would die from exhaustion and there wasn't much medical help. Poor living conditions and limited health care were the problems that made people die.

Children's health was also treated very poorly, many died from loads of dieseases. children died from cholera, plagues and measles. Children's health was poor because they were too weak and small to beat such diseases.