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Junior high


My favorite game to play is minecraft. Minecraft is a game where you have to build things and survive over the night from DANGEROUS Zombies, Skeletons that shoot arrows, Creepers that explode and ruin your houses, and spiders that are almost as tall as you are. In minecraft, you can build big sky scrapers all the way down to little cottages. When you play minecraft, you can spawn monsters or you can spawn little animals. Never kill a creeper near your home, kill it at least a mile away from your house because when they explode they make a big explosion. When you come into contact with a skeleton, you should make sure you are close to the skeleton so that you can kill it faster.


(Barry Allen) gets struck by lightning ,and goes into a coma nine months later he wakes up and has super speed. Now he needs the help of (Dr. Wells) to help him get faster. He has friends who help him with crises when he saves lives. He figures out the person that kills his mother and tries to go back in time and stop Reverse Flash from killing his mother in season 1 episode 23. He is also crushing on a girl (Iris West ) but is too late to tell her how he feels, because Iris was already dating Eddie Thwane. Flash works for the cops in his lab while trying to save people. is a full-time job. If you like things full of action and you like to be on the edge of your seats, then you should watch the season on Netflix or you can watch it on T.V. on Tuesdays.


Owls are different than other birds in many ways. There are 200 different kinds of species. All owls eat small animals such as voles,mice and many other small animals. An owl has wide eyes to see everything in their surroundings, but they cannot move their eye sockets so they have to move there heads around to see their surroundings. owls have thick bodies, strong beaks and powerful claws called talons.The barn owls are great for farmers because they eat their pests in the fields. A female owl can lay 1 to 12 eggs in its life time. Owls are known for being the smartest birds in the world although they really are the same as every other bird. Owls rest only 11 seconds at a time, which is only distributed to 5% of their sleeping time. In comparison, humans enter their REM cycles for as.

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