Indian Island Murderer Discovered

News Article By Sarah Durfey

Murderer Conclusions

The Indian Island Murderer has been discovered by a sailor in the Gulf Of Mexico. The murderers confession was in a bottle. The murderer was Mr. Justice Wargrave. He was a member of the group that attended a "party". The party assembled by U.N Owen. Which we do not know who he or she is. The judge left a letter about how and where he killed the victims at Indian Island. His manuscript reads "I was born with other traits besides my romantic fancy. I have a definite sadistic delight in seeing or causing death. I remember experiments with wasps, with various guarden pests.... From an early age I knew very strongly the lust to kill."

"I killed 9 people. Vera Elizabeth Claythorn, Philip Lombard, William Henry Blore, Dr. Edward George Armstrong, Emily Caroline Brent, Mr. Tomas Rogers, General John Gordon Macarthur, Mrs. Ethel Rogers, Anthony James Marston. He including committed suiside, by shooting himself in the head. I explained how everyone died. He poisoned Anthony James Marston with Cyinide in his glass. I next killed Mrs. Ethel Rogers with an overdose of sleeping medication. I next killed General John Gordon Macarthur by hitting him in the back of the head with a life preserver. Then I killed Mr. Tomas Rogers while he was chopping wood, cutting his head in halfs. Then I killed Emily Caroline Brent using a syringe and stabbing her in the neck with it, containing Cyinide.

Next I "killed" myself, faking my death so no one would suspect me as the killer. Gullible fools they were. Next I killed Dr. Edward George Armstrong by louering him outside at night, I was by the cliff and he followed curiously, he thought he went insane, I talked to him. I said I was still alive and he stepped closer, then I took my chance and pushed him to his doom. He screamed louder than I thought he would. So I ran to the room my "dead body" was in and laid back down to show nothing happened. Then after Armstrongs death I killed William Henry Blore. He was a fool to go inside alone. He went to the terrace, I had an opportunity I couldn't give up. I took the marble clock shaped as a bear in Ms. Claythorn's room, pushed it near the window, waited for him to be directly under the window and then pushed it off. The guilty soul had no chance. I heard him yell and then silence. I noticed that Mr.Lombard and Ms. Claythorn heard a distance cry. I soon after Mr. Blore's bloody death, I left Ms. Claythorn's room and returned to my bedroom. I heard arguing out by the terrace. I left my room soon after everything went silent. Looking through the window I saw Mr.Lombard and Ms. Claythorn down by the beach. They soon found Dr. Armstrong's limp lifeless body.

Then I noticed Ms. Claythorn debating whether they should move Dr. Armstrong's body away from the water. Which they agreed on to move the body. She's a smart girl. She then took Mr. Lombards gun and then argued again with him. She then shot him after he tried getting the gun from her. Next she was horrified of what she did but she knew it was for her survival. She next walked back to the house. Walked up the stairs and while going up the stairs dropping the gun. She next went to her room and saw the noose. She processed to climb onto the chair and hang herself. As for I, I was standing in the shadows of the dresser. Walking out of the shadows and her seeing me there. Right before her death. I then moved the chair into the neat position by the window." I think of these killings as an opportunity. The killings I see as a masterpiece. I made art with their blood. No one suspects the old man, to weak, to feeble. I killed 9 people in just 3 days. A good record if I do say so myself. I've also hanged many people. Death is what satisfies me. Everyone who attended the "party" on Indian island were stupid.

I understand what I did was tragic, but the trill of taking someone's life is to over powering. Seeing their eyes go from a living color always happy to it going black into the darkest places you can think of. This experience has changed me, it's changed me for the worst mostly, but I will owe up to my crimes. My punishment is death. I will kill myself using the gun, making sure to leave no finger prints. That will be the end of me." With this conclusion we deem the killer as Justice Wargrave, With correct evidence from the manuscript everyone who died and corrected by Mr. Justice Wargrave. With evidence in place, the investigation has been concluded.

Justice war graves last words

"I myself can handle the harm I have done to the attendance of the guest Mr and and Mrs UN Owen has provided. I will pay for the crimes I have committed. I realize what I have done is injustice. I may not take another persons life, but it's too exciting. Many things happened on this island these past days. Sorry for the mess I've made. Goodbye."


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