Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Technology Services at West View Elementary School

West View Elementary School has a variety of technology available to students to help them learn. Some of the opportunities your student may have include:

  • Learning Management System (LMS) - Many teachers have implemented itslearning online software for classroom assignments and assessments. Itslearning can give better feedback to teachers on student progress toward mastery of learning goals.
  • Google Apps for Education - Parents are encouraged to sign their children up for a Google account. This account includes free access to Google Drive and cloud storage, Google Docs, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Forms, and Calendar. YouTube is not included.
  • Microsoft Office - District computers have access to Word, Excel, Access, OneNote, and PowerPoint.
  • Internet Research - Students research either in a computer lab or on a device brought into the classroom to open the world of information and complete projects.
  • Reading Apps – Learning A-Z and other reading apps help our early elementary students.
  • Educational Apps - Access to a variety of other educational sites and apps help students learn as directed by our teachers.

Keeping Students Safe Online

While no system eliminates all danger, District Six Schools use several levels of security to keep our learners safe while online.

Supervision and Education

It takes the student, parent, and teachers working together to be safe. Students are taught to be good digital citizens. This includes not sharing personal information, avoiding and reporting cyber-bullying, and telling a trusted adult if they see inappropriate material. Parents are encouraged to regularly check student accounts and keep an open dialogue with their children about their experiences. Teachers direct and use their best effort to monitor the use of technology.

Online Protection

District Six uses several content filters on all network traffic.

Personal Device Protection

We use a variety of parent control and safety settings on our open network (Spart6 Guest) protecting the many different types of devices students may bring with them to class.

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