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What is disciplinary literacy instruction?

Disciplinary literacy instruction requires a set of skills that are specialized in certain content areas (Shanahan & Shanahan, 2008). I had never heard of disciplinary literacy instruction and did not realize that this is the highest on the literacy development scale, but now I have found that every person has their own reader profile which varies depending on the person.

Why is there a significant need for disciplinary literacy instruction?

Before reading Mentoring Students in Disciplinary Literacy, I never paid attention to how or why or what texts I enjoyed reading. Of course, there are some times that we have to read nonchoice texts, or texts that we are not as enthusiastic about. As teachers, we can play a significant role in these dynamics of identity formation (Buehl, 2011).
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My Reader Profile

What: I enjoy reading the news, magazines, blogs, and books that later became movies.

Where: I read in bed, on the beach, and while traveling. I can never read in the car due to motion sickness.

When: My favorite time to read is before bed, so I can fall asleep easily.

How: If I find myself having to reread because I am not paying attention, I begin to read out loud.

Why: I read the news because I like to keep up with the world and I read for entertainment.

Disciplinary Literacy

I feel the most confident as a Literacy Fiction reader. I feel the least confident as a Mathematics and Biological Science reader. When the text is confusing, I look at pictures and figures to try and decontextualize the information.
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More About My Profile as a Disciplinary Reader

I enjoy and choose to read literary fiction, as well as history and social studies.

I have never been taught how to take on mathematics, physical science and biological science.

I am not interested in technical and health and fitness as topics, but I do not find them challenging to read.

As An Educator...

Since I am about to graduate and become a teacher, I think it is important to push my future students to read and fall in love with books across all subjects. Even though I do not feel confident reading all different genres, I will teach my students how to read different subjects so they might be more interested. I am excited to set up my class library, which is going to be organized with bins that separate each genre.


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