Spring Newsletter

LitFest 2013

Congratulations to Regis, Bailey, Elizabeth, Thomas, Jake, and Lindsay, who participated and won 1st place at the LitFest competition. Litfest is an annual 4th-6th grade competition that tests the students reading comprehension. It engages them in higher level thinking and understanding about topics in those books. Gifted students in Washington County schools traveled to Fort Cherry on March 21st to compete, dress as their favorite character, and interacted with one another at different learning stations. The schools that participated this year, along with Fort Cherry were: Avella, Beth-Center, Burgettstown, Chartiers Houston, Canon-Mac, McGuffey, Trinity, and Washington.

Arts and Bots

Hummingbird Kits

I was so excited to introduce the hummingbird kits to our STRIVE students this year. Fourth and fifth grade students created a project based off of an area of interest or an extension from their content area class. Sixth grade students created projects based on the concepts and ideas of Leonardo DaVinci's sketchbook during their study of the Renaissance time period in class with Mr. Brucker.

Arts & Bots allows students to combine craft materials and robotic components to build and animate their own robotic creations using our custom visual programming software. The project engages both girls and boys from elementary school through high school. Arts & Bots is a flexible program that can be adapted to many contexts and subjects in and out of school.

Arts & Bots is a project of the CREATE Lab at Carnegie Mellon University.

April-June STRIVE Projects

6th Grade-Creative Convention @ North Strabane Intermediate School, Monday 4/22/13 and End of the Year Film collaboration with the 6th grade-Integrating music, movement, sequencing, technology, and friends.

4th and 5th Grade-Epublication creation on our unknown historical figures through creative writing.

3rd Grade-iMovie creation