Join The War!

Don't Just Stand There!

Fight For Your Country

Join the war effort and avenge the Lusitania!
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Join The Ranks!

Help America's Army By Becoming Part Of It!

Join The Already Sent 550 Thousand Men!

Join The Tanks! Become One Of The U.S. Tank Corps Against The Russians!

Avenge the 1917,470,000 Tons Of Ships That Have Been Sunk.


By 1918 There were nearly 250,000 U.S. Troops in France.

The U.S. Took full control of foreign policy and sent their troops in 1915

After The Lusitania sank, many began to sign up.


In my opinion, joining the war was, in the long run, a good decision. It allowed technology to advance and for the U.S. to use the foreign policies it had created.
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