KMS Professional Development, Oct 7

Destiny, DE, Data Driven Instruction, Websites & Literacy

Oh Yeah, It's your DESTINY! - Kelly Beckham

Everything you need is right at your fingertips. Destiny gives you access to the resources. It makes searching and learning experiences better – and easier – for students, educators and administrators. Come to this workshop to get hands on experiences with navigating the collection. Meet Ms. Beckham in the library.

The 3 T's to DE - Sherry Elvington

Here you will discover the tips, tricks and tools to Discovery Education. You will learn how to find instructional content, resources and how to build a quiz in order to help improve student learning. Meet Sherry in her room, 212.

Web SPINNING TIME - Beth Simril

Attention all new teachers! Now is the time to set up your websites and put a new spin on things. Here you will learn how to edit, change your theme, add pictures and new pages to your webpage. Meet Beth in the iTLC Room.

Data Gone WILD!! - Danah Hughes and Melissa Mascari

Is data becoming overwhelming? Need some help with Data Instruction? Come explore the type of data available to you; attendance, school wide data, and DE data. Learn how to organize and build your data to improve classroom instruction. Location based on attendance.

Rocking in "4th BLOCK!" - Yachannah Galloway

Having a difficult time engaging your students? Come learn some engaging strategies to use with your students that will hold them accountable to reading. Location based on attendance.