Two Kinds by Amy Tan


The story is set in San Franciscos Chinatown, which is one of the largest Chinese communities outside of Asia. The neighborhood- with its fascintating mix of restaurants, shops, businesses, and religious and cultural institutions- is a crowded and bustling place. The area was settled by chinese immigrants who arrived during the Gold Rush of 1849.


The two main characrers of the story is jing-mei and her mother


Two Kinds is about asian family came to the America in for a bright future. Her mother had goals for her daughter, she sought for her to be a prodigy and famous.Her mother pushed it to far like she gets a perm just to look like Shirley Temple. Amy is being forced to take piano lessons. . Amy begins disliking this idea as she is constantly disappointing her mother time and time again. She is jealous that Auntie Lindos daughter plays chess so they take it to a competion, amy mother invited the family to the show. Amy messes up and embaresses her and her mother infront of everyone. Her mother was mad and Amy stood up for herself and said she doesnt want to be a prodigy. Her mother passes away and she admires the piano and sits down and plays.

Internal Conflict

The internal conflict in the story was that Amy had all these feels and things she wanted to do or say to her mother, but she never did or said any of them. This whole time she didnt like the fact her mother was making her do things she didnt want to. She did it cuase she never spoke for her self and kept all her problems to herself.

External Conflict

The external conflict is this passage was her mother, she kept bugging and nagging that her daughter will be a prodigy. She put her daughter in piano classes and even a competition. Just to prove that she is famous or whatever. She was jealous the fact her Auntie Lindo daughter was skilled at chess, so she wanted to have the better child.


The theme of this story was if you love to do something do it dont be afraid to take a chance. In the end the person thatll be happy is you since you doing what your pation is. Its a great story and has a nice plot many can take this as life lesson learn and use it as an experiance.


The piano is the symbolism, Amy sits down to play the piano at the end of the story. By doing this it shows that she actually cared about playing and her mother. Aswell she played two songs that she used to play back when she was younger.

thematic significance

When she looks herself into the mirror she sees an angry young girl with talent. She screams and cries just because she is an ordinary girl. Wishing she was just more then that but she realizes there is another side to it in her own way she special.

Characters pitted against

The mother and daughter went wrong when her mother was trying to make her do all these kind of things. So the daughter of course wouldnt of liked this idea at all, even tho she loved the piano. The mother was pushing Amy to hard to the point where Amy brakes. She tells her mother she wishes she was dead.

early life

She was born in 1952 to Chinese immigrants grew up in Northern California coming from China when she was just a baby to seek a better life. Her father brothers and sisters each died as i recall in the story. Coming from an area where they had to live and farm back in china so this has got to say they where tired of all that hard labor and had it tough so they came to America.Amy grew a hard life not having a father or brothers there to talk to her or support her when she was down.