Six traits of writing

~ Max Shady ~


A good writing has a topic that is interesting and fits the topic. Also include details such as facts thoughts and feelings examples and statistics.


To have good organization you have to have a topic sentence and include main idea sentences also use details and tell more

Stay orginized


Speak in an engaging way that keeps the reader wanting to read more.

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Judith Hill: "What a Girl Wants" - The Voice Highlight

word choice

use specific sounds and verbs also use exiting additives and use a thesaurus.

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Sentence fluency

turn short and choppy sentence's in to longer sentence's. use simple compound and complex words.

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use evaluation sheet to revise. Use cops to edit

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think what you are going to write about.

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  • Prewriting is the first stage of the writing process.
  • Elements may include planning, research, and diagramming


Compose is your rough draft in your rough draft you can write quick and not worry about what you have mistaken.


Evaluation is when you rate someone's paper or tell them what you need to fix and what was good about in.


To make a change in someone's writing or tell them what to correct.


Make sure your punctuation and capitul letters are a in the right place.

Publishing and sharing

Finally after organization,voice,word choice,sentencefluency,convention,brainstorming,prewriting,compose,evaluation,revision and editing you can publish and share

You need core 4, transmissions, main idea sentences, details,and conclusion sentences.
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