Digital Cizitenship

Social Media by Ethan C

Cyber Bulling

A cyber bully is a person that says mean or nasty thing to another person online.

If you're being bullied online you can contact kids help on 1800 55 1800 or go to their page there is a link to there page down below

Kids Helpline

Safety Online

To be safe online is to use nice lanuage and what that means is you use the same lanuage as if you are speaking to an adult or friends like please or thankyou.Also tell your parents or teacher or even one of your closest friends if somethings is not right.Don't share your password or email address on the internet or most defently your real name because other people can use your name to cyber bully other people then you would get in trouble.



the word netiquette comes for two words net and etiquette. Net means to be online etiquette means to be nice and friendly. Go to there page
be safe and happy when using the net ;)