Fire Administration

Certificate of Achievement (Transcripted)

Program of Study

The certificate program in fire administration is designed to prepare students for careers as fire service officers. The program meets requirements of the California State Board of Fire Services Certified Fire Officer and college or university preparation. Transcript evaluation may allow up to a maximum of 18 units of credit for previous fire service education.

Major Course Requirements:

  • FAC 062 Basic Incident Command Systems 0.3
  • FOT 032 ICS-300 Intermediate ICS 0.5 *
  • FOT 026 Fire Inspector 1A 1.5 * **
  • FOT 027 Fire Inspector 1B: Introduction to Fire and Life Safety 1.5 * **
  • FOT 036 Training Instructor 1A: Cognitive Lesson Delivery 0.5 * **
  • FOT 037 Training Instructor 1B: Psychomotor Lesson Delivery 0.5 * **
  • FOT 044 Fire Investigation 1A: Fire Origin and Cause Determination 0.5 * **
  • FOT 045 Fire Investigation 1B: Techniques of Fire Investigation 0.5 * **
  • FOT 046 Fire Management 1: Management/Supervision for Company Officers 0.5 * **
  • FOT 047 Fire Command 1A: Command Principles for Company Officers 0.8 * **
  • FOT 048 Fire Command 1B: Incident Management for Company Officers 0.8 * **

In addition, select a minimum of 9 units from the following list (classes in this area may be substituted with similar classes): Units

  • FTC 102 Fire Behavior and Combustion 3
  • FTC 103 Personal Fire Safety 3
  • FTC 104 Fire Prevention Technology *
  • FTC 105 Building Construction for Fire Protection 3 *
  • FTC 106 Fire Protection Equipment and Systems 3 *
  • FTC 121 Physical Fitness for Public Safety Personnel 3
  • FTC 121L Physical Fitness for Public Safety Personnel - Performance and Assessment 0.3
  • FAC 060 Basic Fire Academy 12 *

Total Units 21.8

*Selective enrollment. Course prerequisites must be fulfilled.

** Additional fees are required for California Fire Service Training and Education System course completion certificates.

Program Learning Outcomes for Fire Administration Certificate of Achievement

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to

  • Demonstrate the ability to manage all-risk emergency incidents at the Fire Officer level.
  • Competently apply leadership and management theories and decision-making models as they relate to the local, state and federal standards and practices.
  • Analyze complex emergency response scenarios and effectively identify strategies and tactics for successful mitigation.

Santa Ana College Fire Technology Program

Mission Statement: The Santa Ana College Fire Technology Department serves a diverse community of students. The program provides students the opportunity to develop the technical, academic and professional competencies required for fire and emergency service professions, as well as transfer to higher educational institutions. The department is committed to developing civic leaders that advocate, champion and engage in the ethical administration of public policy.

We are located in the Caesar Chavez Building- Room A-113


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