The De-young Zoo ( Global )

Founded By Bud Deyoung and Carrie Cramer

What Bud Deyoung and Carrie Cramer Have Done to Help the Community

Their zoo rescues and rehabilitates endangered, and/or injured animals. They also will take in animals from other zoos. Also, instead of using money from the government, they run completely on donations.
DeYoung Family Zoo

How Did it Help

My inference would be many animals that were hurt or abandoned, would have died if it worn't for the Deyoung Zoo! Also, endangered animals that probably wouldn't have bred in the wild, but did at the Deyoung Zoo! They also educate people on animals and how to handle them.
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Background Information

Bud Deyoung and Carrie Cramer had to get many different licenses to create the zoo he imagined. I think there might be licenses he needed to : do shows with the animals, have endangered animals, or have some of the materials they have at the zoo.
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What We Can Do As a Community

We can respect animals by not littering, donating to local/state/national/global organizations, volunteering, or reporting injured animals. My friends and I are thinking about how in the future, we may open a rescue organization that would rescue injured animals in Wisconsin. If you are an animal lover, have you ever considered having a job involving animals? That's what happened to Bud Deyoung and Carrie Cramer, and look were that got them!!!(:
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