WestWood Elementary

October 14, 2016


Dear Staff,

I never, ever, forget that the most significant impact on student success is from the work you do with students. Every. Single. Day. Be it small group reading instruction, physical education lessons, or modeling how to apologize on the playground, what YOU do counts. Thank you for your stamina, for ensuring that students learn, and for working through the tough moments with grace. I appreciate all that you do!

It's been a different kind of week for me, as you will note by the "Around WestWood" pictures. It should be titled "Around the Office Conference Room"! For three days I met with grade level teams to study student data. We used the protocol, "Here's What! So What? Now What?" The teamwork these groups displayed was awesome, specifically in their ability to look hard at the current reality of student achievement in math and reading, and student achievement gaps. Teams sifted through multiple data sheets and zoned in on priorities. As importantly, they moved into action with those priorities. Thank you to those of you who participated in this important work.

So many events occur in our classrooms throughout the week, and my goal is to attend as many as possible. If you have a lesson or event that you would like to share with me (and I can't make it), please send me a picture! The feedback I am receiving from many of you, is that you enjoy seeing what is happening throughout our school in this weekly newsletter.

Thank you all for a terrific week at WestWood! Have a beautiful fall weekend!


School Continuous Improvement Plan (SCIP)

The Building Leadership Team representatives shared more details of the School Continuous Improvement Plan at our staff meeting on Thursday. Here are the goals:

Reading: The percentage of all students enrolled October 1 in grades 3-5 at WestWood Elementary who earn an achievement level of Meets the Standards or Exceeds the Standards in reading for MCA III will increase from 77.5% in 2016 to 80.5% in 2017.

Math: The percentage of all students enrolled October 1 in grades 3-5 at WestWood Elementary who earn an achievement level of Meets the Standards or Exceeds the Standards in mathematics for MCA III will increase from 84.1% in 2016 to 87.1% in 2017.

Science: The percentage of all students enrolled October 1 in grade 5 at WestWood Elementary who earn an achievement level of Meets the Standards or Exceeds the Standards in science for MCA III will increase from 85.6% in 2016 to 87.6% in 2017.

Innovation: 100% of students will have multiple opportunities to participate in innovative learning and participate in five (5) of those opportunities.

Behavior: The percentage of classroom and office referrals will decrease by 5% from 2015-2016 to 2016-2017.

The entire SCIP is at this link:

WestWood School Continuous Improvement Plan

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Ms. Maryam is our new Supervisor for the lunchroom. Maryam is in a Kid's Co/Supervisor role, in which she also provides support to students in reading/math. Welcome Maryam!

Next Week

  • Monday, October 17: 8:00-8:45 Tech Integration Meeting
  • Monday, October 17: 9:00-10:00 Meeting at DSC
  • Monday, October 17: 12:30-3:50 Data Session - Conference Room
  • Tuesday, October 18: 8:00-8:45 SAGE Meeting - Room 204
  • Tuesday, October 18: 9:00-12:00 Administrative Meeting - DSC

Around WestWood

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4th grade team

Data session 1: 4th grade team moved into action quickly! They prioritized differentiation and closing the achievement gap. Relentless teamwork, teamwork, teamwork.
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2nd grade team

Data session 2: Grade 2 differentiates small groups using the continuum of learning and Reading Strategies book in the next RUOS unit. So many ideas to share with high energy!
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3rd grade team

Data session 3: Grade 3 teachers focused on small group reading and differentiating math. Thoughtful discussion on students at all levels!
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5th grade team

Data session 4: 5th grade team created reading small group lessons based on MAP strand data. Great discussions!
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K Team

Data session 5: The K team prioritized guided math practices and created the roll-out for math workshop. Great teamwork!
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1st grade team

Data session 6: 1st grade team focused on achievement gap data and created small group reading strategy lessons. Good discussions about specific students with specific needs! Smooth and steady teamwork!
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Building Leadership Team members present the SCIP

Ellen, Lisa, and Karen shared the SCIP presentation at the staff meeting. Table groups shared with each other, on their part of the action plan.
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PBIS Table Situations

PBIS World is an excellent resource which teachers used for the Behavior Table Situations at the staff meeting, Each group was given a student behavior concern and then problem solved, ultimately figuring out an intervention or two that would be appropriate for that student.
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Food Service Staff

The lunches that our food service staff prepares and serves each day are so impressive. I told Deb one day that I have never seen a menu so nutritionally sound AND delicious.
Thank you to Brenda, Ellie, Deb, Ute, Penny, & Lisa - our great food service staff!


I have completed half of the 20 day Twitter Challenge! So far, so good, but will admit that I've submitted a couple tweets very late on some days! Please follow me @KMZWestWood It's a great way to communicate the awesome things happening in our classrooms and at WestWood!

Have a lovely fall weekend everyone!