Collins' Corner

December 7, 2015

Please note...

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  • Please send in a new dry erase marker for your child at your earliest convenience. We use these quite often and many of them are drying out.

Important Dates

Winter Break - December 19 - January 3

Deadline to order yearbook - December 11

Language Arts

  • The spelling lesson this week reviews when to add the suffixes /es/ and /ing/, as well as how to add the suffix /ed/. Today we discussed the three sounds that ed can make - /ed/ as in rested, /d/ as in played and /t/ as in picked.
  • This week we will continue writing opinion pieces, and will begin writing book reviews about some of our favorite books.
  • We will also start discussing the prefixes re (again) and un (not).


This week, we are continuing Chapter 4 in My Math, which is subtraction of two digit numbers, with and without regrouping. We will also practice rewriting subtraction problems vertically when they are written horizontally, and we will learn how to check subtraction problems by adding. There will be a fact test this Thursday. Please continue to help your child study for these tests.

Social Studies/Science

We are beginning a science unit on magnets. We will use magnets to make an object move without being touched, discuss how the poles of magnets attract and repel one another, compare the effect of magnets on various materials. and identify everyday uses of magnets.