Wind Energy

By Austin


Wind energy is a clean source of electricity and where we can get it from. Rather than burning fossil fuels, wind is clean. Clean wind energy will help the environment in many ways. Wind energy is renewable unlike fossil fuels. With cleaner energy the fossil fuel burning will go down and save the environment. With wind energy dose have a growing potential in wind energy. The idea of wind energy is growing and will power more of the world in the upcoming decades.

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With having wind energy the wind does'nt always blow. Having turbines there's also a risk of having storms that can damage the turbine. The blades of wind turbines are hazards for birds that fly and that may get struck by the blades. When the blades of a turbine spin they produce noise which some people don't like.

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I think that the idea of wind energy from nature is a lot better than burning fossil fuels. With wind energy more available than fossil fuels it will save the environment and save fossil fuels. Saving fossil fuels with save a lot of money because fossil fuels coast so much to dig out of the earth and use for electricity. Using wind energy in the future will mainly help the environment for the time to come in the coming decades. The idea of wind energy will hopefully expand across the world.