4-5D Overview

Term 3, 2020

Dear Parent/Caregiver

Welcome back to another term in 4-5D. We hope that you found the interviews with your child’s teacher an informative process and have a better understanding of where your child is currently at in their learning journey.

Multicultural Perspectives Public Speaking- Year 5

Last week Year 5 students received a note regarding the Multicultural Perspectives Public Speaking competition. School based finals for this will occur on Friday Week 5. We would love to see a number of students challenging themselves and participating in this competition. It’s not too late to enter, students can see their classroom teacher for more details.

High School and Kindergarten Sport

Students in Year 5 enjoyed the first week of the Woonona High School sport program last week with all teachers reporting a great time was had by all. This program is always a highlight of the year for students and involves them working in small groups with Year 10 coaches to develop their skills in a range of sports. Students will attend this program on a Thursday in alternate weeks: Year 5 during odd weeks and Year 6 during even weeks.

This year Stage 3 students will be taking inspiration from their Year 10 coaches and lead Kindergarten sport during the week they are not at the high school. This forms part of our Kindergarten Buddy Program and gives students an opportunity to develop their leadership, communication and collaborative skills. Stage 3 classes have developed activities designed to develop Kindergarten ball and fundamental movement skills.

Students are encouraged to wear their sports uniform on Thursdays. During this time, Year 4 will be completing a ‘Changing the Game’ PE unit which is based on altering games to be more fun, challenging and inclusive.


The number one homework task for 4-5D students is to be reading at least 20 minutes each day. Reading has a flow on effect, improving student’s written and oral language and is a great routine to establish moving into high school.

Teachers will provide additional optional homework for those families who wish to implement a homework routine at home. There are a number of tasks uploaded to the Google Classrooms relating to reading, camera words and times tables practice. Additionally, students can also use their Prodigy account created during at home learning. If your child needs assistance accessing this, their classroom teacher can help them. These activities are optional for families and as such students will not receive teacher feedback.

Education Week

As outlined by Mr Fisher in this week’s newsletter, education week will take on a different look given the current restrictions. Students in Stage 4-5D will have a video uploaded to their Google Classroom on Thursday for you to view at home with them that afternoon. The video includes a self-reflection from their speech pre-assessment and then implementing their own feedback to improve on their initial attempt. We encourage you to talk to your child about their personal goal and how they plan on improving their speeches across the term.



Persuasive texts - Students will be analysing, writing and delivering persuasive texts on a number of topics across the term, focusing particularly on delivering persuasive speeches.


Stepping Stones Maths - Students will continue to be engaged in Maths content through the Stepping Stones program.


Investigating Key Moments and People in Australia’s Past


Term 2- Adapting to a Changing World


Hot and Cold Matters -Understanding how properties of matter change through heating, cooling, mixing and separating.


Coding-Students are learning how to code using Lego Wedo 2.0


Music- Students will be exploring music by composing, performing and recording basic rap songs.

As always if you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s learning please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s classroom teacher.

Kind regards

Mr McMullen

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