HaLong Bay

Ride with the tide

Where and What is it?

Welcome to HaLong bay, here they're are multiple things you can participate in. Canoeing through the bay is one of the most enjoyed activities that multiple tourists seem to like. The Halong Bay is located in the Gulf of Tonkin, Quang Ninh Province which is in the North East of Vietnam. Such a pretty view that you don't want to miss.

Interesting Facts

Isnland and Legeneds.

The Halong bay has multiple Islands and each island is named what it is. For example, Mai Nha isnlad is shaped as a roof and Main Nha in Vietnamese means roof. The legend of Halong bay says that when the country was newly found, the Vietnamese had to fight against some invaders coming from the North through the sea. The jade emperor felt sorry for Vietnamese and sent one of his dragons to come help Vietnam. This then blew away the invaders and they never came back.

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There are not any human activities that are physically affecting the Halong bay because it is very uninhabited and doesn’t get affected by human presence. Aquatic erosion created the notches which have now over time been changed into caves.Although there is some human habitation but not so much.