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The country of warfstar is a medium-size country that has Beaches,mountains,rivers,clear lakes,desserts,and grassy plains. Our country's citizens mainly speak the following languages, English,zunar,Spanish,french,Japanese,Arabic,German,and Russian. We are a country of 28,054,923 people. Our citizens must learn at least two of these languages. Everyone is required to attend school at the age of 13,and at the age of 18 both boys and girls are eligible to join the military. The men in the military must serve for three years if not longer,the women must serve for at least two. After giving their service they are given a free college education and health care, and if they die in a war their family will still receive the two rewards that the military man/woman have earned.The age for retirement is 68 years old for both genders. Everyone in the country will pay 46% of their salary in taxes.


In the country of WARFSTAR the people who live here have these six freedoms.

They have the freedom of religion were they can continue their practice of their religion here.

They also have the freedom to express themselves in their own unique way.

The freedom to worship who they choose.

The people shall also have the freedom of education witch means they are free to have their own education.

They have the freedom to be gay if they choose.

And finally the freedom of speech.


I'n the country of WARFSTAR everyone know's these four things are illegal

UN-prescribed drugs

Treason to the country of WARFSTAR

Public nudity

abuse/bullying(animal,child,domestic violence,cyber bullying,battery etc)


in the country of WARFSTAR they have a socialism for an economy because it is based on public ownership witch we think is pretty fair. We also picked this because we would like to buy goods and be able to negotiate with other country s, for there might be some thing we could do for one another. The reason we chose this economy is because we did not think the other two kinds would be the best for our country. Also we might need to buy some stuff from other country's because we have some jobs that might need them.


In the country of WARFSTAR has a representative democracy for their government so that the citizen can elect their leaders. We chose this is kind of government so that the people can have a chance to elect and decide the majority of who shall be best to lead them. The government that we chose allows that kind of decision. In the country of WARFSTAR we allow our citizens to have the most majority of how things are ran in the country they live in. We did not choose the other kinds of government's because they do not give the people the right to vote on who shall lead them.


We chose the parliamentary because we as the leader should have a part in the country. In the country of WARFSTAR we give our citizens freedoms but still need to have laws to keep or country running and fair. We also chose this because we felt that other governments did not give a fair saying and did not fit our country. In our government of parliamentary the citizens elect their leader that they feel are worthy of leading them. Parliamentary for us gives our country a fair balance between people and control.


In our country there are theme parks such as waft works and we also have stadiums for several sports and athletes. There are multiple four star restaurants and also places that serve fast food. During the changes of seasons there are special events like Halloween,Christmas and st.patrics day were we decorate the theme parks and street with colorful decorations. There are also locations with 3-d reality rooms that contain many random levels these are located in the arcades across the city's in our country. And for the more mature type there are art museums and sculptures to admire. In our country we have many city parks were there are safe up to date playground equipment and also some great water parks for the very hot summer day's,and finally there are very exclusive and fun summer camps for the children of the city's in the country of WARFSTAR.