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Pearl Harbor was attacked by Japan

I Survived the Bombing of Pearl Harbor

Written by: Lauren Tarshis

The Attack

On December 7th America base Pearl Harbor was attacked by Japanese aircraft. The attack lasted 100 minutes. The attacked started with torpedoes dropped on the war ships. Then they took out the aircraft so America wouldn't be able to make it into the air. They focused on destroying the American barracks to kill the sleeping and waking soldiers.
During the attack American troops tried to get the wounded to the hospital but their were too many wounded. They tried to get planes out to stop the attack but they couldn't get out in time. They eventually got the ammo boxes on the remaining ships open and were able to open fire. Eventually the attack died down and Pearl Harbor was able to recuperate. Atfer the attack most Japanese people were arrested and sent to camps.

The Results

There was about 2,403 Americans killed during the attack. There was also 1,178 men and women injured the attack. America lost 8 battleships, 8 cruisers, 30 destroyers, 4 submarines, 49 other ships, and 390 planes. They turned schools into hospitals to treat the wounded. Hawaii now has bomb shelter drills once or twice every week.

Hitler declares war on America and abandoes attack on Moscow

Today December 11, 1941 Hitler signed a declaration of war against America. Britain and America signed a declaration of war against Japan. Germany attacked Moscow hoping to take it over but they weren't successful . This resulted in the Soviet Army launching a major counter-offensive Around Moscow. It is said Hitler will soon take over the German Army but we are not sure of this.