Scopes Monkey Trial

God or Evolution?

John Scopes wanted to teach evolution in school, he even agreed to being indicted for his cause. He also had Clarence Darrow defend him in his trial against the Tennessee court.

Clarence Darrow was a radical left celebrity. He was a big defense lawyer and used unconventional defenses to win cases. He argued religious beliefs with Jennings during the case and ended up losing the trial.

William Jennings Bryan was very religious and believed that the bible was true and evolution was wrong, not many people agreed with his beliefs. He was a politician but chose to use religion in his politics which was not preferred because there need to be a separation of religion and politics. During the trial he was called to stand and made a fool of himself. He died five days after the trial from natural causes.

The out come at the end of the trial was originally found guilty, Darrow and the ACLU took the case to the supreme court , the conviction of scopes was over turned but Tennessee kept their anti revolution law in place.