Week at a Glance

November 14 - November 18

We are sending out a Week at a Glance (WAAG) as a means to inform students and parents of the upcoming important events and announcements for the week. For general information, please visit our website at http://moh.sweetwaterschools.org/

Message from the Principal - Mr. Zumstein

Greetings Aztecs!

One week until our Thanksgiving Break. This is a great time to check in with students on their academic standing. Jupiter is our most up to date grading platform. By staying connected through Jupiter you can know which classes your child may need support in. Sometimes it's just a gentle reminder, other situations may call for demanding your student to connect with their teacher and or counselor to come up with a plan. Ultimately grades are a students responsibility but we as parents need to hold them accountable. Let's all take this week to encourage students to be proactive so they can best enjoy the break ahead.

We are Aztecs!

Important Dates for the Next Two Weeks

Monday, November 14 - WAHUPA, 10th Grade Counselor Presentations, 6:30pm Winter Sports Parent Meeting in the Gym

Tuesday, November 15 - CalSoap Advisor, 10th Grade Counselor Presentations

Wednesday, November 16 - College Gear Day, 10th Grade Counselor Presentations , 9am Talent Search Advisor, Lunch - College Application Workshop in Counseling Center, Zoom with Zumstein, Parent Workshop 2:00pm, 3:45pm SSC

Thursday, November 17 - 10th Grade Counselor Presentations, SWC Ambassadors, 7:30pm Boys Varsity Basketball vs St. Augustine at MOH

Friday, November 18 - WAHUPA Representative

Saturday, November 19 - 1:30pm Girls Varsity Basketball vs Carlsbad, 6:00pm Boys Varsity Basketball vs La Costa Canyon

Thanksgiving Break - NO SCHOOL - November 21-November 25

Students return Monday, November 28.

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From the ASB

Winter Sports will start on November 5. In order to play a sport, every student must be cleared:

1) Register at RegisterMyAthlete.

2) Get a Physical and have the doctor complete the SUHSD Physical Form.

3) Print Athlete Profile. Then, sign it on the last page next to parent and student name.

4) Bring signed Athlete Profile and Physical Form to the ASB.

Students can get a physicals at South Bay Urgent Care at 1628 Palm Avenue for $25 cash

Homecoming Pictures

Click here for a gallery from the 360 Camera.

San Diego Tip Off Challenge

See the pictures below for the schedule. Click the links to purchase a ticket for the games on Wednesday or Thursday.

Wednesday, November 16, 2022: (Shows up as Mission Bay)


Thursday, November 17, 2022: (Shows up as Del Norte)


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Senior Section

  • Senior Compact for Success Flyer

  • Please use the link below to access the MOH Scholarship Bulletin. Take advantage of free money that can help you pay for tuition, books, cost of living. We have added more scholarship opportunities, so check them out. bit.ly/3BZ0xM7

  • Click here for a FAFSA Checklist

  • We will start selling Disneyland Grad Nite after Winter Break. Remember that your attendance needs to be cleared. The Senior Contract states no more than 8 full day unexcused absences and 11 tardies. You can clear your absences at Saturday School or after school detention.


Senior Expectation Presentation

Senior Contract

Advanced Placement (AP)

AP Students~

The window to pay for your AP exams on time has closed. The MOH AP Guide will be updated this week with instructions on how to pay for your test, add/cancel a test. Stay tuned for further information.

Please see the link to out the MOH AP Guide for more information.

If you have questions, please contact your AP teacher or see Ms. Walkup in the Main Office.

Assistant Principal Information

AP Support

  • Important information was shared by your AP's regarding what to do if you are experiencing bullying or harassment. Please click on this presentation link for further information.

  • If you are experiencing bullying or harassment by a member of our Aztec community, please reach out to any MOH staff member to report it right away. You can also report it immediately to your AP.

Non-Privilege List

Students are placed on the non-privilege list for several reasons: library debt, ASB debt, attendance, and suspensions. If a students is on the non-privilege list they are not allowed to attend school events. In order to be taken off the non-privilege list, speak to your assistant principal.

AP Contact Information

Ruben.Baeza@sweetwaterschools.org (A-F)

Teresa.Walkup@sweetwaterschools.org (N-Z)

Ulisses.Hernandez@sweetwaterschools.org (G-M)

Valerie.Ruiz@sweetwaterschools.org (ASB)

Tardy Intervention Plan - Be On Time, All The Time

This message is to remind you to "Be on time, all the time!" Why? Because "We are Aztecs"

Students~ At our tardy sweep last week, 59 students were late to 4th period. Please make sure you are leaving for your next class immediately after your previous class. Let's be on time.

Students, as Aztecs, we expect you to get to class on time and be ready to learn by the time the tardy bell rings. Parents, we ask that you team up with us and discuss with your children the expectation of being on time. As a Montgomery community let us work together to communicate the importance of being on time. “We are Aztecs!”

Attendance Information

Students can clear absences and tardies by attending Saturday School. Students are placed on the non-privilege list when they have eight full day absences or eleven tardies. The non-privilege list prevents students from attending events like Homecoming or Grad Nite.

Saturday School Guidelines

Be on time. Gates close/no entry after 8:00 am

Bring work or laptop. No phones should be used during Saturday School.

Students are not allowed to leave campus during the break (i.e. to go off campus for food, coffee, etc.)

Saturday School - Semester 1 Dates

November 19

December 3

December 10

Parent Representatives for 2022-23

Thank you to our elected Parent Representatives serving on our district parent committees for the 2022-23 school year!

District Parent Advisory Committee (DPAC)

  • Vanessa Flores (Representative)
  • Claudia Gomez (Representative)

District English Language Advisory Committee (DELAC)

  • Vanessa Najera (Representative)
  • Claudia Gomez (Alternate)
  • Omar Alvarez (Alternate)

School Site Council Members (SSC)

  • Vanessa Flores
  • Omar Alvarez
  • Kathleen Cheers
  • Siria Salas

Counselor Corner

  • Please see the link below to register for upcoming presentations by college admissions representatives that will be visiting MOH and presenting on different days and during different periods throughout the next few months. This list will continue to grow, so please check back!

    Link to Register: tinyurl.com/26nj3fha

  • See communications and websites below for information, updates, and resources!

Counselor Request Form

Please complete the Counselor Request Form if you would like to speak with your counselor!

S.T.A.Y & After School Events

November Stay Calendar

The November S.T.A.Y. Calendar is ready for you (see the attachment). If you need help with your IM 1 or IM 2 class, consider going to tutoring in room 901 from 3:45-4:45 Monday-Thursday.

Attention English Learners: Attend Express Fluency Monday or Wednesday to improve your English. Work with me and you won't regret it!

#AztecsGiveBack meets this Saturday, so if you need community service hours, then join the club. Everyone is welcome!

COVID Updates and Resources


  • If your student test positive for COVID 19, please keep them at home and contact the main office at 619-628-3800.

  • If your student has COVID 19 symptoms please have them test twice (once every 12 hours) if negative they can return to school showing proof of the negative test.

  • Athletes, students who participate in extracurricular, and VAPA must submit their COVID Test by Tuesday at 5pm to the district Google Form. Do not forget to write your first name, last name, and date in sharpie on your Covid Test for it to be accepted by the district nurse. Please use the QR Code in the flyer to the left to submit your results.


MOH Parent and Family Engagement Policy

Click here to access our Parent and Family Engagement Policy

MOH School Parent Compact

Click here to access our School Parent Compact

Student Handbook

Click here to access our student handbook.