artifial limbs

Why did Nasa use robtic arms

how did nasa use robot arms

they used it when they removed cargo from the ship. the rododick arm was used for many reasons they put them on rovers to help them move rocks out of the way if they needed to.the robotick arm was used when they wanted to pick somthing up like a speshal rock.

how it effected people

it was used when he or she lost an arm or leg and it made it usfeul to use and easer. it helped when you are cooking,cleaning or anything that involves 2 hands it was made by a senser that trased arm movment and it werks on animals like if they got ranover. and it pervided a leg to help them walk.

other info on the robodick arm

when it was programed it was made to move by machine and it helped in space mission and it helped rovers explore mars and it helped astronauts in the International space station

how they put space technology to everyday life

Private companies use NASA technology to improve artificial limbs. They were first used to help make astronauts safer and help space vehicles last longer but now they make artificial limbs more comfortable and last longer and operate more lifelike.

how they use it in space

they would use it by put it on the rover and it would drive around mars and it would move rocks with it. tHe arm was used in 90 missions of them was the explorashon rover mishtion is where rovers would go arowndand name astroids
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