Whitehall Wonders

February 2020

100th Day of School

Some of the students, faculty, and staff enjoyed dressing up for the 100th day of school. We celebrated with different activities, dressing up, challenges, etc.

100th Day of School Shenanigans

Please visit our school website if you would like to see more cute pictures of our 100th Day of School Shenanigans!

Big picture

World Changers in Action

Our 4th Grade Science Review

Students were reading the questions and finding answers as a review challenge for an assessment. Students coded the Bee Bots to find the answers. Way to go, 4th Grade World Changers!

World Changers in Action on the Court

At Whitehall, we teach our World Changers to persevere and have grit each day. It was great seeing our World Changers take their perseverance and grit to the basketball court.

We Are Proud of Our Writer's Guild Winners


Thank you PTO for the wonderful chips and dips you provided for the faculty and staff at Whitehall. The dips were scrumptious! The Whitehall faculty and staff appreciates all you do for us!


Upcoming Important Dates:

Feb. 3- 4th and 5th grade Chorus

Feb. 4-Good News Club

Feb. 5-Morning Meeting

Feb. 5-5th grade Coding Club

Feb. 6-Ice Cream

Feb. 7-Parent Involvement Meeting (Lunch served)

Feb. 7- Atten "dance" celebration

Feb. 10-Reading All Star Kick Off

Feb. 10- 4th and 5th grade Chorus

Feb. 11-4K Registration

Feb. 11-Good News Club

Feb. 12-Spring Picture Day

Feb. 13-Ice Cream

Feb. 13-Family Math and Science Night

Feb. 14-Class Parties-1:30 (except for 3rd grade...3rd grade class parties are at 12:40)

Feb. 17-No School

Feb. 18-Good News Club

Feb. 19-5th grade Coding Club

Feb. 19-4th grade Art Club

Feb. 20-Kona Ice Day

Feb. 21-K5 field trip

Feb. 24-Progress Reports come home

Feb. 24-4th and 5th grade Chorus

Feb. 24-PTO Board Meeting

Feb. 25-Good News Club

Feb. 26-5th Grade field trip

Feb. 27-Ice Cream Day