Parent Information for HISD

School Closure Curriculum & Instruction Plan

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Dear Families,

We understand the difficult times with which we are dealing. Our one main goal to make sure that your child is learning. It is our mission to engage your child in meaningful learning activities while they are in school@home. We have an amazing faculty and staff that is dedicated and committed to working our 40 hours, or more, workweek for your child to be successful, whether we are at home, or in our classrooms. We will serve you and we will make sure you are receiving our support. Please be patient as we are developing our plan and information as we go, but we will do our best to make this a great opportunity for your child. Our plan will be evolving, so please give us your input on what you need.

We miss your children in our classrooms at HISD, and we hope that everyone stays well as we continue living in this new normal. We look forward to seeing them walk through our classroom doors again soon!

We will be adding "district-wide" information and Updates for parents each week to this page, so please check back often!

We are here to serve.


Clay Tarpley, Superintendent of Hamilton ISD

Jennifer Zschiesche, Assistant Superintendent, Curriculum and Instruction

If you have questions regarding School Closure and COVID19, please email

Commissioner Morath's Message to Parents

Click Buttons Below for Information regarding Covid-19

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Google Classroom Platform (

Each campus at HISD will be using the same Google Classroom platform. Many students are very familiar with this as we currently use this platform in several of our classes. We will be pushing out the lessons for your child to complete through Google Classroom. We are also inviting our parents to join so that you know what is expected and you can let us know how to help your child and support you in school@home.

It is important to help your child stay organized. We tried to make our campuses mimic each other in a systematic approach. You will see Reading/Language Arts on Monday, Math on Tuesday, etc. All homework will be due on Fridays (or earlier if finished). On the following Monday, we will check to see who hasn't completed the assigned work, and give those students a call to see if they need help or we can support them in any way! WE are Committed to helping our families in a systematic approach and in every way we can. We will be constantly evaluating our system and would encourage any feedback you have for us.

Google Classroom Tutorials for Parents

For parents wanting to view their student’s google classroom, there are a few easy steps to follow. Your student has a secure login and password to log into their Chromebooks.

  1. Click on Google Chrome

  2. Type in - or click their classroom icon

  3. Your student’s classes should appear.

  4. You can navigate through the stream or classwork tab to see the assignments & due dates.

  5. If you would like to receive a summary of your student’s accounts, email the teacher directly, and they can add you to the guardian summary. You can then download the app or receive email notifications.

For a step by step guide in color, you can also click-

Classlink Shortcut for students to find websites easily!

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Ann Whitney Elementary Schedule

PK - Send home parent activities

K-2 :

Posted Mondays: 3-30 minute phonics lessons/reading lessons for the week - Successmaker as often as possible (Pearson is our Curriculum Workbook)

Posted Tuesdays: 3 - 30 minute math lessons modeling how to teach those that parents can use throughout the week. (Go Math is our Curriculum Workbook

Posted Wednesdays: 2 science videos posted to Google Classroom with questions to answer.

All work due Fridays @ 3:30

Grades 3-5

Monday: RLA (total of 3 hours) This includes the lesson as well as the homework all posted to Google Classroom.

Tuesday: Math 1 hour - includes lesson and work

Wednesday: Science & Social Studies (1 hour total)

Thursday: Math 1 hour - includes lesson and work

Friday: All homework is due on Google Classroom or in TTM/Khan

Hamilton Jr. High Schedule

  1. Monday: Reading/Language Arts- 2 hours + 1 hour of Moby Max/Writing Assignment

  2. Tuesday: Math (2 hours + 2 (?) TTM lessons/week

  3. Wednesday: Science (1 hour + some videos/Stemscope Lessons/Other)

  4. Thursday: Social Studies (1 hour on Exploros)

  5. Friday: All work is due.

HS Schedule

High School: *** All HS assignments will be posted on Mondays

Monday: English - 3 hours; Ag - 30-minute lessons

Tuesday: Math - 3 hours: online textbook and Khan; FCCLA - 30-minute lessons

Wednesday: Science - 2 hours and Electives - 1 hour; Aviation - 30 minutes

Thursday: Social Studies - 2 hours; Foreign Language - 60 minutes

Friday: Business Classes - 30 minutes; All work due by 3:30

HISD COVID-19 Grading Policy

This is the current grading policy for COVID19 Distance Learning

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HISD Phone List

Click on the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet for different campuses.

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Teacher Conference Period

All teachers will be available by calling their classroom phone numbers during their conference times. You can also email your teachers.

Teacher Conference times during School Closure

Monday - Friday 9am-11am and 4pm-6pm

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Technology Help Desk Hours

Technology will be available to help parents and teachers troubleshoot/fix any technology problems that should arise.

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Parent Resources for talking with your child

COVID Information: Together We Stand Apart

Click here for some Public Health Resources! #Staysafe!

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Online Library Books

Accelerated Reader will be available from home on their Classlink Button on their Chromebook to take AR tests. There is a button below that will take you to the AR page for the test, and also buttons below that are links to online library books.


More information will be available ASAP*** Check back!

Follett Online Library

Current e-book database that can be found on the HISD website, found on both the AWE and the Junior High Pages, under the Student tab, within the Library page…

Students may log in using their AR log in and password to access these books.

AWE and HJH Follett Online Library

***Not all books have AR tests***

Food Resources for our Families

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Here is how to login into Mobymax