Third Grade Thoughts

Weekly News from Glenhope 3rd Grade! (Volume 15-16, Issue 5)

Teacher Spotlight

Hiya! I'm Christina Hayes and this is my seventh year of teaching. I taught kindergarten at Cannon Elementary for two years, 4th grade here at Glenhope the past four years, and this is my first year in 3rd grade. I love the fact that I've had a variety of experience in different grade levels because it helps me grow in new areas.

I graduated this past May with my Master's Degree in Educational Technology Leadership. Mainly, this degree is "teaching with technology," which is one of my passions (I'm the go-to tech guru at Glenhope!) but because it was a leadership degree, I'm also certified to be a principal or assistant principal. I don't know if my heart will ever lead me in that direction, but at least I have the option available to me.

I live in Las Colinas with my orange and white tabby cat (Tyke). I am very close to my family, who all live very close by. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with family/friends, watching the Texas Rangers, playing disc golf, baking, and reading.

Save the Date

Monday, October 5th

All Charleston Wrap Fundraiser (to help send 4th grade to Sky Ranch) PAYMENTS AND FORMS DUE!

You Say It's Your Birthday...

Rylee K. - 29

Carolina S. - 1

Lillian Y. - 4

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How are we growing our brains next week?


-place value

-fun facts (practicing)

**nightly Math HW - practice fun facts

**weekly Math HW Lonestar Math (given out Monday, due on Friday)


-becoming good reading partners

-checking comprehension as we read

**nightly Reading HW - read for at least 20 min.



-spelling: ea digraphs; K-3 In a Snap Words


-classifying matter (solids, liquids, and gases)

-predicting and observing changes in matter

Social Studies:

-communities (needs of a community in the present and past)

Multiplication Facts

Students who have mastered their addition and subtraction facts will begin working on multiplication. These students will be asked to create multiplication flash cards at home and to practice them nightly. We appreciate the flashcards being put back in the binder every night so they are ready for school the next day.

Reading Logs

Please make sure that your child is filling out their reading log. They also have recording sheet in their binder for Bluebonnet nominations. This is optional, but if they read at least 5 of these nominated books by December, they will be able to participate in the statewide voting.

3rd Grade "In a Snap" Words

This week's 3rd grade "In a Snap" words we are focusing on are:








Try practicing them at home with your child!

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The Key to Success? Grit.

We love the gritty vocabulary we are hearing from students on a regular basis! As the school year continues, we will work more and more on the concept of grit. It truly is a life skill. We love when we hear students say things like "That wasn't being very gritty" because they are understanding that grit is a life skill.

If you have a free moment, please watch the TEDTalk below on grit. No matter what area of life, we can all stand to have grit. :)

Angela Lee Duckworth: The key to success? Grit

Oh, the Places We'll Go as a 1:1 Campus!

We are one week into the iPads going home and so far things have been running (pretty) smoothly. Here are some things we would appreciate your support at home with:

-make sure you charge your iPad every night

-make sure you bring your iPad to school every day

-the iPad is not a toy or something we play is a learning tool. We research, inquire, explore, design, and create.

**Please remember, if you have not yet filled out the iPad Technology Agreement and paid the $35 yearly fee, your child will not be able to take their iPad home on Friday.**

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