Fishcat, True or Real?

Presented By the True or Real Research College

The Discovery of the Fishcat

A team of researchers at True or Real Research College, discovered the creature in Mammal Bay, California. They were shocked to find that a fish did in fact have the head of a cat. “It was incredible, beautiful, and awe-inspiring...” said the leading researcher at the university.


Sightings have been becoming more and more recent as time goes on. Recent studies conclude that over 15,000 sightings have been reported at different coastlines. Including, Mammal Bay, Feline Beach, and Catfish Sea.

The Question

"Fishcat, true or real?". The evidence is inevitable. The Fishcat, is real.

What To Do If I Find a Fishcat

Next time you go to a beach, think of the fishcat lurking underneath the surface, and get ready to take a picture!

Fishcat Research Team

A team of researchers, only looking to give you the best and foremost information on Fishcats.