Zach's Newspaper Article

New Book to Read

Max. Best Friend. Hero. Marine. By: Boaz Yakin, Sheldon Lettich

Max is a book about a kid named Justin and his new dog, Max. They are going after Tyler, his brothers best friend. Justin's brother Kyle was shot and killed while serving in the army. No one knows how Kyle died except Tyler, who served in the army with Kyle. Justin finds out that Tyler shot Kyle. Max was going to be put down but Justin adopted Max.

Max was the only thing they had to remind them of Kyle.

Tyler was caught one day selling weapons illegally from

Justin. Max helped Justin find Tyler in the woods. Justin

didn't tell any one about Tyler selling weapons illegally

because Tyler threatened that if he did Justin and his

family would be killed. One night after Justin and his

dad talked, Justin's dad went missing. Justin knew

that Tyler was behind this. So Justin, Justin's friends

and Max went looking for him. Justin freed his father

and Tyler was killed. Justin's friends went to get help.

Max had lots of injuries but still survived.

I think Max should be read because it is about a regular boy whose life is changed when he adopts his brothers marine dog.

Article made by Zach Sawadsky

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