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Top Beachy and Bright Bathroom Designing Ideas

Beaches symbolize joy, tranquility, brightness and peace. Serenity of beaches takes away all our stress and gifts us with inner peace. Beach inspired living is what becoming a trend as people want to feel closer to nature and waters, while being in their home. Bringing the hues and colors of beaches to home takes us into lap of nature.

A bright and beachy bathroom can make our day by elevating our moods. A great bathroom is highly essential to set right state of mind. Bright lights and good bathroom fixtures are essential to create right ambience.

Carefully picking the essentials for your bathroom is highly recommended for setting right feel. Here are a few suggestions that you can take into consideration while planning a beachy bathroom:

Color: White and various shades of blue are best for a coastal or beach inspired bathroom. If you are choosing white color for cabinets and fittings, it is advised to opt pale blue or turquoise for walls. Or you can choose 3D wall panels for a particular wall to enhance the looks.

Floor: Tiles or blue mosaics are best for floors. Designer tiles with prints that resemble water also help in setting the ambience.

Cabinets: Choosing white colored cabinets is a great idea as they add brightness to the room. Do not overdo with too much of cabinets as it will look clumsy. Keep your room as empty as possible since clutters and crowd tend to irritate your mood. Stainless steel cabinet handles and pulls are best for bathrooms as they are rust free and match the theme.

Bathroom Sink: Go for a glass or ceramic vessel bathroom sink for a classy look. A transparent or a frosted glass vessel of blue color suits best to beach theme. Even white ceramic sinks work well. A rustic design sink with designer faucets are just perfect. Be careful while picking your faucet as it should comfortably fit into your sink. Else it would be wise to pick sink and faucet combo to eliminate such issues.

Bathtub: It is recommended to go for bathtubs instead of shower enclosures for this theme. Soaking in a bathtub feels like swimming in sea. So choose an appropriate size of tub according to your room. Let it be white in color or pick a transparent one to heighten the aura.

Windows and Lighting: Big windows are necessary to allow natural light to get in. Color of drapery should be white or pale blue and not too thick or heavy. Lightings should be appropriate and hanging lamps look beautiful. Make sure that your bathroom has sufficient lighting at nights too.

Place a few beach decor items like artifacts made of shells or a picture of beach in your room. Or simply put shells and some sand mixed with glitters in a glass jar and place it anywhere in the bathroom, it looks great. Hang a big mirror opposite windows to reflect light.

As it is said that a day in a beach can restore your soul, get the same tranquil and harmonious aura by designing your bathroom.

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