40 Money Tips for College Students

Izzy Meszar

Financial Planning

  1. Define your goals
  2. Make plans to reach your goals
  3. Take action to those plans


Protect your identity and information

Use Loans as a Last Resort

If possible, you do NOT want that debt hanging over you for years after graduation

Get a Job on Campus

You will be getting an education and payment which will enable you to start paying back for college and saving for the future.

Prepare for your Career

Early preparation will help you succeed faster in the workforce

Compare Apartment to Dorm Rooms

Weigh the pros and cons. You may find an apartment is cheaper.

Separate Needs from Wants

Start doing this early so it becomes a habit for the future

Create a Budget

And stick to it!

Avoid Credit Card Pushers

Do not give in to credit cards, they're a trap!

Get into Savings Habits

Learn to save as early as possible