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5 mobile apps explored

Toontastic App

Using child-friendly animated characters, students can create original stories. This can be used in a language arts setting for most Elementary grade levels. Based on the visual elements they choose, they can practice incorporating descriptive language in their story regarding setting and characters.


Using this app, students can post video presentations, posters, and other work. Classmates are then able to explore and comment on their peers' creation!

This would be an effective tool for upper elementary students in doing research projects. They could display their findings through the VoiceThread app and their homework could be to view and comment on aspects of their classmates' work through oral or written feedback.

Journal Jar app

Have you ever asked students to work on creating a story or journal entry and seen nothing but blank stares? That's what the Journal Jar app helps with. Students simply "shake the jar" on the app and receive a writing prompt that they can then use in building a short piece of writing.

You can use this app to aid in literacy through drama as well, with students using the prompt as an entry point for a drama activity.

Chore Pad app

A great app for children with difficulty staying on task or managing their time. This app can be useful in helping students with special needs and/or poor organizational skills maintain a schedule. The best part? They can check off task items as they complete them, offering a visual reinforcer for accomplishing items on the planner!

Numbers League app

This app is a great tool in helping students practice their math skills. Numbers League is an educational game where students defeat villains with superheroes that have a greater total value (math value) than their opponents. This game has varying levels of difficulty where students can work on simple concepts like adding and subtracting or more complex concepts like negative numbers and multiplication.

This tool is best used by a teacher after math concepts have been taught as the game is meant to assist students in honing their math skills not creating understanding on topics they have yet to cover in math. A great app for practice or review of math concepts!

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