Quinny and Hopper

by Adriana Bran Schanen

2nd Grade Flight Time - Interactive Read Aloud with Accountable Talk

3/22 -Take a look at the front cover illustrations. Can you predict who this book is about? What about when and where it takes place? What from the illustration supports your prediction?

-Then read the Blurb on the back of the cover. What do you learn about the story from this blurb? What questions do you have about the story after reading the blurb?

-Finally, begin an ongoing Anchor Chart for characters and their traits. Add to the chart each day as the story progresses. You may want to start two separate anchor charts with the outline of a human figure on each. One will represent "Quinny" and the other will represent "Hopper" --- As the story progresses write any known details about Quinny that you learn from the story inside the "Quinny" figure. Do the same for Hopper....any details you learn about Hopper you will write inside the human outline.

Then on the outside of the "Quinny" and "Hopper" outlines write down any questions the class might have about the characters as you go along the chapters in the book.

3/23 Read Chapter 1

3/24 Read Chapters 2 & 3

3/25 Holiday!

3/28 Read Chapters 4-6

3/29 Read Chapters 7-11

3/30 Bundle -Those Shoes by Maribeth Beoltz

3/31 Accountable Talk - Can you be friends with someone with whom you have nothing in common? What are some benefits of having a friend that is just like you? What about a friend who is different than you?

4/4 Read Chapters 12-14

4/5 Read Chapters 15-16

4/6 Bundle- Chester's Way by Kevin Henkes

4/7 Accountable Talk - Hopper doesn't want his brothers to see him playing with Quinny because he is scared they will tease him. Have you ever hidden something from another person so that they will not make fun of you?


You know a little bit about Victoria from chapter 15. Do you think she will become friends with Quinny and Hopper? Why or why not?

4/11 Read Chapters 17-20

4/12 Read Chapters 21-22

4/13 Bundle - Found by Salina Yoon

4/14 Accountable Talk - Why do you think Quinny becomes so obsessed with catching Freya and taking her to Mr. McSoren?

4/18 Read Chapters 23-24

4/19 Read Chapters 25-26

4/20 Bundle - Do Unto Otters by Laurie Keller

4/21 Accountable Talk - Why is Quinny so excited about the letter from school? Why is Hopper upset?


Hopper tells Quinny to "go away" and that everything is over. Why is Hopper so worried about Quinny seeing the "real" Hopper?

**Draw an outline of a human figure, which will represent Victoria, on large piece of paper. Using chapters 25-26---write any known details about Victoria inside the outline.

Ouside the line, discuss and write any questions about Victoria that the class might have.

4/25 Read Chapters 27-28

4/26 Read Chapters 29-30

4/27 Bundle - Enemy Pie by Derek Munson

4/28 Accountable Talk - Have you ever been worried about starting a new year at school? Why?


Victoria worries Quinny about 3rd grade. Have you ever been worried about starting a new year at school? Why?


Do you think Quinny and Hopper will ever be friends again, despite the 3rd grade rules? Why or why not?

5/2 Read Chapters 31-33

5/3 Read Chapters 34- 37

5/4 Read Chapters 38-41

5/5 Accountable Talk - What does Hopper decide about he and Quinny's friendship on the way home? How do you know this?


Why do you think Mrs. Porridge is smiling at the end, even though she sounds upset?


Point of View- The author Adriana Brad Schanan switches point of view from chapter to chapter. Sometimes we hear the story through Quinny's voice and sometimes Hopper's voice. Why do you think she chose to write the book in this way? Who else's point of view might you want to hear from?

**other possible bundle text: Vera’s New School by Vera Rosenberry,

The Name Jar by Yangsook Choi, Each Kindness by Jacqueline Woodson and E. B. Lewis.