Andrew Jackson

Hero or Zero

"Spoils System"

The "Spoils System" is when supporters of a winning candidate are given government jobs even if they aren't qualified. Before Jackson, John Quincy Adams used this system to become president. Jackson accused him of this but ended up doing it to. He fired everyone and gave his supporters government jobs so that when he made a decision it wouldn't be turned down.

The Nullification Crisis

During Jackson's presidency, the tariff of 1828 and the tariff of 1832 were passed. The South was upset because these tariffs raised the prices of things they needed from the North and were forced to buy. South Carolina try to use the nullification act to let them ignore the tariffs but when the National government try to interfere they threaten to leave to become their own country. Congress passed the Force Bill which let Jackson use the U.S. Army to force South Carolina to pay their taxes. In the end, Jackson threatened to use the Force Bill and hang John C. Calhoun.

Killing the National Bank

Jackson didn't like the National Bank because he thought it helped the rich more than it helped the poor. He also felt the National Bank was unconstitutional because it wasn't talked about in the Constitution. Because more people were allowed to vote and Jackson's use of the Spoils System, he was re-elected. Jackson vetoed the bill to "renew" the National Bank, which ended it.

Andrew Jackson Political Cartoon

The snake represents the National bank. Jackson is on the left holding a sword because he's trying to kill the National Bank. To the right is a soldier who looks like he's trying to help Jackson. I think this represents the people he chose to be in Congress, this means they are the ones allowing his veto on the National Bank.

Letter from a Plantation Owner on the "Nullification Crisis"

I can't make tools by myself because i don't have the resources. This is unfair because I rely on the North to make my tools. Basically, I'm forced to buy these things from them when i shouldn't have to. I refuse to pay more for things I'm forced to buy. I agree with South Carolina and if i can't have things as I need it, I'm leaving.

Letter from a Factory Worker on the "Spoils System"

I think that giving people government jobs is a good way to give more people opportunities in life. What Jackson did is a great thing and he's a good person for doing this. We need more people like Jackson in office so Jackson picking people with the same views as him is a good idea. Firing everyone in office previously was great for a fresh start.