Classical Music

Amazing Facts about Classical Music

There was a period when people believed that listening to Mozart’s music while the mothers were pregnant and continuing it up until they have delivered their babies will make their child smarter. This was not exactly a truth. However, the classic genre of music has proven to have interesting effects on a person’s body, mind, and emotions.

Classical Music

A Few Interesting Facts on the Positive Effects of Listening to Classic Music

While classic tunes may be thought to be losing its way to the current generation, many people still love and believe that this is a genre that will survive even if new styles and genres of music arise. Here are some of the interesting effects of classic music in a person’s physical and mental state:

  • lowers blood pressure level - Lower post-systolic blood pressure level was observed in one focus group in a study experimenting the effects of different types of music on people.
  • alleviates stress - Classical music, according to a Taiwanese study on pregnant females, displayed a capacity to lower pregnant women’s stress levels.
  • aids in pain management - This type of music stimulates a response in patients that help them overcome and relieve pain.
  • helps a person feel at ease - In another study involving music fans, it was observed that those who listened to classic music where more at ease, especially with oneself. Thus, this genre helps people in becoming in-touch with who they are.
  • encourages authentic expression of emotions - People were more open to others and were more willing to disclose personal information when classic music was play in the background. This was observed in a university study.
  • enhances memory - In another university study, it was found that the focus group that listened to classic music tested better on their tasks in terms of speed and accuracy as compared to the group tested in silence.