Familys in Chile

by Emily Shimmel

View on Family Life

"the closer the family the happier family" - unknown

Family Structure

  1. Couples in Rural and Urban areas have 1-2 children
  2. Smallest families in Latin America
  3. Live in same house or on the same block
  4. Children when they have children and get married extend parents house

Gender Roles

  1. Women leadership is becoming more popular
  2. Father is head of house hold but mother ran households are not uncommon
  3. women employment is the lowest in Latin America and do not get same wages

Child/Parent Relationship

  1. Children live with parents till marriage (extend parents house or move next door)
  2. Adults expected to look after elderly parents
  3. Girls help mother with siblings and house chores
  4. Boys help father repair and help with errands

Interesting Facts

  1. Homes exterior is painted in bright colors
  2. Interior has many religious ceramics, trinkets, and knick knacks also many stuffed animals


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