By Urmi Popuri


Austraion love and have made several dishes. Melba toast and Peach Melba both were orgininated in Australia and were named after a opera singer Dame Nelly Melba.One of the most famous in Australia is a dark brown paste called Vegimate.


Most Australions are Christians mainly Protestant but Religion is not to strong in Australions daily life. Many people attend to church only in special occasion like wedding baptism and funerals.

Holidays And Tradition

Most children in Australia are look forward for presents from Santa Claus on Christmas morning.The day after Christmas is called Boxing Day because you give boxed gifts

and way to celebrate it to visit your friends and family.


The large star on the left stands for 6 states and 2 territories of Australia.Above the star is the flag of The United Kingdom is also called Union Jack.

Land And Climate

Australia is the only country that occupies an entire continent.Australia is more than twice the size of India.The hot dry and dusty area of Australia is called Outback.

Games And Sports

Australians love sports.Cricket is a national sport for Australia.A sport especially for girls is called netball it's just like basketball but there is no dribbling.


About a fourth of Australian kids go to private school and the other three-fourths attend to public schools.A number of students are homeschooled.Most students wheather they attend to a public school or attend to a private school has to were a school uniform.


Australians speak a unique form of English called Aussie with many words and phrases found only in Australia. Words are often shortened in everyday conversation.


Traditional Indigenous Australian dance was closely associated with song and was understood and experienced making present the reality of the dream time .


The art of Australia's Indigenous peoples is the oldest and richest in the world dating as far back as 60000 years and spread across hundred of thousand of sites.


The music of Australia has an extensive history from back to the Indigenous and colonial societies.Indigenous music is part of a unique heritage of a 40,000-60,00 year history witch produced the iconic didgeridoo.


The Australia Customs and Border Protection Service was the Australian federal Government agency was responsible for managing the security and Integerty the Australian


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