WCH June Family Newsletter

June 2, 2020

White Center Heights Elementary School

Marcello Sgambelluri, Co-Principal

Dr. Shajaira López, Co-Principal

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White Center Heights Elementary is an ANTI-RACIST School!

Dear WCH Families,

The White Center Heights Elementary co-principals and staff write today to join in the national call for justice, as well as to express our support of our students and families. We have seen the brutal deaths at the hands of the police and the sorrow and outrage of protesters around the country—all happening at the same time as a pandemic which disproportionately impacts people of color and reinforces long-standing inequities. These are symptoms of a larger illness that is white supremacy and systemic racism.

As parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, mentors or teachers of Black children, we are worried about them. Yet far too many of us have come to accept fear and pain as part of normal life. Fear should not be the first thing we feel in the morning and the last thing we feel at night, but it is for many in the Black community. This needs to change! There is no justice until everyone has the same opportunities and treatment in our system.

  • We expect that the authorities and our fellow citizens treat African Americans and all people of color with respect and justness.
  • We call on everyone to examine their own biases, attack systemic racism, and be an active ally (accomplice) in the fight against white supremacy.
  • We will address institutional and interpersonal racism in all its forms—beginning with our instruction in the classrooms and how we interact with students, families, and one another throughout the school.
  • We commit to making race and identity work a central focus of our staff development over the next twelve months and beyond to position us to make change at a time that our country and our children so desperately need it.

This work is not easy, but that cannot be an excuse to delay progress. It is past due for us to take action. Together we have a responsibility to ensure each day is safer, fairer and more just than the last.

In Unity,

WCHE Co-Principals and Staff

Upcoming Events

Material Pick-Up & End of Year Celebrations: June 17th - June 18th

The week of the 15th we will give all parents/students a chance to come pick up anything they left in their desks, backpacks, or cubbies. If you did not leave anything behind you do not need to come to the school. Teachers will be clearing out all desks and cubbies but if there is a specific item that is somewhere else you need to retrieve please reach out to your teacher so they can make sure it is ready for pick up. This will also be a time to return library books and any other materials you borrowed. 5th graders must return their laptop computers (if you have students that are not in 5th grade you can keep the computer over the summer).

Teachers may also plan a summer send off at this time (hand out a certificate or just be able to say goodbye to students for the summer).

Each grade level/class will have specific times/days to come to the school:

Wednesday June 17th 7am-1pm: PreK, 3rd, 4th

Wednesday June 17th 1pm-5pm: 5th grade

Thursday June 18th 7am-1pm: 1st, 2nd, IAC

Thursday June 18th 1pm-5pm: Kindergarten

If you have students in multiple grades you can go to either time and get things for all your students at once. The steps to picking up/dropping off materials:

1. When you come to the school you will park your car

2. send one person (do not bring your whole family) to walk to the gym entrance on the corner of 8th ave SW and SW 100th st

3. Stand six feet apart from others while waiting to enter the gym

4. Walk into the gym (we will limit the amount of people in the gym) and look for your teachers' names on signs, go there to pick up your students' materials

5. Walk to drop off materials and pick up books for the summer (stations will be marked in the gym)

6. Leave the gym through the opposite entrance

In this way you will continuously move through the gym minimizing your contact with others and your time in the gym. Please wear a face mask and gloves to protect yourself and others.

Again, this is an optional event, you can always pick up anything you left behind in the fall.

Last Day of School: June 19th

The last day of school will be June 19th, this will be the last day teachers will be on e-mail and available daily. Please continue learning with our students over the summer, we will provide resources for this in June.

At Home Learning Successes!

Thank you so much for everything you are doing in these difficult times. Online learning is moving along and we have loved seeing all the projects and assignments students have been completing at home! On Seesaw (one of our two learning platforms, the other being google classroom) we saw over 600 items uploaded, 304 likes, and 409 comments just last week!

  • We continue to serve meals everyday from 12:30-1pm in our WCH parking lot Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (a list of food banks is also below)
  • There are paper learning packets for pick up at the same time as meal pick ups (we will also try to have books that you can take and keep at home), again 12:30-1pm Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in the WCH parking lot.The third packet (just released this week) will be available this Wednesday/Friday and next Monday. If your student is completing online learning the paper packet is optional.
  • All learning packets and online learning programs you can use to continue learning at home can be found at bit.ly/wch206

You should set up a schedule for your students to work on these learning resources (or any learning resources) at home everyday for a set amount of time spread throughout the day. 20-60 minutes of work, depending on your student, followed by 10-30 minutes of break is a good place to start, with 3-6 learning blocks in the day depending your student (there is no one right answer for how your student should be learning so work on finding that just right number for them). It is also helpful to set up a designated spot in the house (a table, corner, or room) where learning happens, this can help students to focus and know that when they are in that space they are "in school" and elsewhere they can just be in their home and be present and content.

Please continue to focus on the social, emotional, and physical health of yourself and our students first and foremost. if there is any way we can support please do not hesitate to reach out to your teacher or the Principals.

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Important Reminders

  • On May 27th we sent out a notification to all families and staff that Dr. Lopez has been selected as director of secondary language learning for Highline Public Schools. She will be moving to the Central Office starting July 1. We are currently working on the process to select a new co-principal. Please share your input.

  • You should be going to the online learning guide: bit.ly/wch206 every Monday to read your grade level's newsletter, it will contain all assignments for the week. Kindergarteners are learning on Seesaw and other grades are using Google Classroom. For more information contact your teacher using the e-mail in the online learning guide.
  • The best point of contact is your teacher, if they don't have an answer the second best point of contact is the Principal or District. The easiest way to reach anyone is e-mail, you can find at the bottom of our online learning guide. If you do not have an e-mail or have not shared your e-mail with your students' teacher, now is the time to do that, e-mail will be by far the best way to communicate. Please set up an e-mail (if you don't already have one) and send your teacher an e-mail just to open that line of communication now. You can sign up for a free e-mail account here.

Technology at Home

We have decided to continue to loan out computers over the summer. This means you do not need to return the school laptop until the fall! We are excited for this opportunity to continue to give students a mode of learning over the summer. If you have a computer at home (so you don't need the school laptop) or no longer want the computer during the summer please return it the week of June 15th. If you haven't picked up a laptop yet please call the school or e-mail heather.bibby@highlineschools.org to set up a time to pick up a laptop (one per family).
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The WCH co-principals and staff would like to thank the WCH Parent Teacher Association (PTA) for organizaing community-building events and fundraisers that benefitted our students and teachers.

The co-principals and staff of WCH would also like to thank the Somali Parent Education Board (SPEB) for the support they've provided during the pandemic. Thanks to SPEB we were able to communicate with families in the community in their preferred language and provide them access to information about remote learning and valuable community resources.
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Learning From Home Right Now

There are many ways to continue learning at home but there is one thing you should be doing every week:

1. Go to bit.ly/wch206 and click on your grade level's newsletter, then complete all assignments there.

Other optional and additional learning opportunities are:

2. The paper packet (you can just read it on a phone, tablet, or computer), this has activities you can do at home to continue learning. Go to this website and scroll down to "K-5 Printable Learning Packets - Packet" and choose the one you wan to look at, you can also pick up a paper copy at meal pick ups (12:30-1pm at WCH M W F)

3. Online learning programs, on the same website as above click on "Digital Tools" and then scroll down, the main program to use is i-Ready, some teachers also use iStation, Epic, RAZ Kids or others, connect with your teacher to determine which online learning programs you should be using. All students should use i-Ready for about 45 minutes a week in reading and 45 minutes a week in math.

4. Any and every other learning activity you or your student wants to do! There is no bad learning activity, your student wants to build a fort? Talk about shapes and how to make it more sturdy. Your student wants to learn about tigers? Have them search the internet and write a report about tigers. Reading any book or text is a great use of time. Epic is free for 30 days and has tons of online books. Amazon is offering a free trial or very cheap 3-month and year long plans of their Freetime Unlimited which has many reading and learning resources. All Highline students also have a digital King County Library System (KCLS) account for free. Through KCLS you are able to access online materials (books, magazines, videos, and databases). If the book you are waiting for is not available you may place a hold and be notified when it becomes available. To log-on:

  1. Go to www.kcls.org/students
  2. Once you land on the student page, DO NOT login yet.
  3. Choose elementary school students
  4. Choose one of the links in the center of the screen to explore
  5. Log-in from your chosen page using your student number. (Note: All library card numbers for Highline School District students begin with 401, and are followed by your student number. Your password is the last 4 digits of your student number. So if my student number is 0123456, then my KCLS login is 4010123456 and my password is 3456) If you need help with student numbers contact your student's teacher.