Save the Energy

Daniel Rodriguez

Quit using up so much energy

We all in this world need to stop using as much energy as we do because,if we use up all the energy that we have we wouldn't have anymore to use.So what im saying is that we all need to cut back with the energy,and go green more than once a month.CLOSE ALL THE LAPTOPS ONCE IN A WHILE.
Energy use,is the goal to reduce the amount of energy required to provide products and services. For example,insulating a home allows a building to use less heating and cooling energy to achieve comfortable temperature.Also energy is bad for our daily lives.It helps us produce food,fuel,and power communication channels across the world.Over the recent years more people will gain access to energy and enjoy higher standards of living.But these developments could place greater pressure on our worlds resources,such as energy,fresh water and food.At the same time,climate change remains a serious concern.At shell,we use human ingenuity,to unlock the energy our customers need to power their lives,while aslo harming the environment.

10 top things you should know about Energy

1.Forms of energy and Energy Transformations are Motion,Heat,Light and Sound.

2.How Nuclear fission and Fusion work.

3.The Hydrogen Economy,Hydrogen sources, and the science behind these.

4.Exploration,Production,Refining,Transportation, and Marketing of coal, Petroleum, and Natural Gas.

5.Ten major sources of energy: Their Advantages and Disadvantages.

6.Energy efficiency, Principles of consumption, and Conservation.

7.The connection between Greenhouse gases, Climate change and Global warming.

8.The Price of Gasoline on how it rises and falls and why it varies by state.

9.Energy mix Variation by region and country, and the policies that influence this.

10.Total U.S. electric output per week.

Top two things we use everday



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