Google & SMART Tip of the Week

February 7, 2013

Google Tip - inserting a video into a presentation

If you’ve ever gone through the complicated steps to embed a YouTube video in a PowerPoint presentation, you’ll love the ease of embedding video in a Google Presentation.

  1. On the selected presentation slide, click Insert and choose Video.
    1. Use the YouTube search box to search for a video, or paste the URL of your pre-selected YouTube video in the search box.
    1. Click to highlight the chosen video, and then click the blue Select button.
    1. This will embed the video on your slide.
    1. Use the cross hairs to move the video to the desired location, and fit it to the correct size on the slide.
    1. The movie is viewable in Presentation mode.

SMART Slate Tip

The balloon pop tool is found in the Lesson Activity Toolkit in the SMART Notebook Gallery, and is an interactive tool that you can use to temporarily hide objects on a SMART Notebook page.

Check out this one page tutorial!