A career as a

Horse Trainer

Job discription

Horse trainers are responsible for preparing horses. Race horse and show horse trainers prepare the horses that their working with for competitions. The trainer has to teach a young horse to get used to human contact and to other horses and not just it's mom. At a certain age for the horse the trainer will ride it so it can be ridden by others and get used to a saddle and bridle. Horse trainers teach horses certain commands like to walk, trot, and canter or to halt but those are just basic commands, some horse trainers train the horses that their working with more harder signals like hand signals or clicking noises. Sometimes the trainer might do more than just train the horse the trainer might feed, water, groom, and clean the stall of the horse that they are training. The trainer also develops an exercise program for the horse to get the horse into peak condition which means great condition and ready to take on the competition world.

Working Conditions

Horse trainers work for private stables, farms or ranches, depending on if the owner of the ranch doesn't have time to train the horse them self. There is a risk to being a horse trainer like being thrown off the horse when riding or being kicked when their tacking the horse up or bringing it out to the paddock but they have enough experience to stay safe so that doesn't happen and if it does it doesn't happen often. A horse trainers' schedule isn't a normal one it depends on how long the person wants the trainer to train the horse for or if the have other clients that they have to work with. They can attend the competitions that the horse they trained is in so they can see how well they did to make the horse it's best in competitions against other horses.


Horse trainers get paid in different ways depending on what kind of training they do and for how long they train the horse. The private horse trainers get a monthly salary, they can earn about $18,000 to $50,000 a year.


There are no formal education requirements to have this career. But in order to be a horse trainer you need lots of experience with the horses that they train. Many horse trainers start off as groomers or stable cleaners so they can get easy experience with horses but enough so they can be a horse trainer. Even aspiring trainers can also choose to pursue formal education related to the horse industry.

Sample career path

Horse trainers can make up to $20,000 a year. They must have experience with horses so they don't get injured while their working with the horses. Horse trainers get the horses used to the tack or being ridden and they train the horse for competitions.

Related careers

Horse trainers have over ten careers that are similar to there's like for instance a horse breeder is similar because they both have to do with horses but are very different. A veterinarian is more the same to a horse trainer than a horse breeder because it has to do with helping the horse and caring for it to make it better and healthy like with a horse trainer they help the horse get used to the tack and getting used to competitions. Their is over ten career's that are similar but not really.