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September 8, 2015

TRUANCY - In school on time, all day, everyday….

Create an attendance committee!!! - Be open and consistent with the policy and rules

TPM ( Truancy Prevention Measures) MUST be in place.

Truancy Prevention Measures (TPM): designed to

  1. Address student truant conduct before a truancy referral is necessary – Remember the barriers, aversion, discretion

2. Minimize the need for truancy referrals

Follow the time frame and deadline in filing cases!

School districts shall impose a truancy improvement plan that must be signed by the school employee. Schools will make an effort to obtain parent signatures

1. Plan must include: specific description of required and restricted behavior

2. A time period the plan will be effective (but no more than 45 school days)

3. Penalties for violations, including additional disciplinary action or referral to truancy court.

A school district shall initiate TPM if the student has accumulated 3 or more full day or partial day unexcused absences in a four-week period.

Dallas ISD provides a

Required Notice to parents (campus)

parent portal , mailed warnings, parent portal, attendance contracts

Mail Warning Notice after 3 unexcused absences in a four-week period (central)

Notify parents and students TPM opportunities (Campus and Central)

in and out of school programs

Truancy improvement Plan ( Behavior Improvement Plan per HB2398)(individual too!)

Attendance improvement contract

School based services

Counseling, mediation, mentoring or other services aimed at addressing the

student truancy

When all else fails, it is required to have

LEGAL intervention

TX State law mandates that legal intervention shall be made within 10 school days of the student’s tenth qualifying absence, unless TPMs are successful

10th day of absence

3 days to submit a note day day1-3

Day 4 do not accept the note. Policy. Given 3 days.

Input the note day 4

2 days campus approval day 6-7

1 day ED approval day 8

1 day for notary day 9

Filing deadline day 10


Key Measures:

Absence Change Rate: changes made due to error of the campus; want this low

Campus Approval Rate: want this high

Conviction Rate: high; correct address, summons every week before court (look at SAMS)

Dismissal rate: schools making changes last minute; high on this means 2 negatives

Several additional measures will be added:

Absence certification rate: data person should be doing this; you will get a report = expectation with data controller

Truancy Prevention measure Compliance Rate:

Truancy Rate

Principal determines if notes are excused or unexcused by district policy.

By policy, if out 5 days, medical note is required

If out for 10 days in a grading period, medical note is required.

Dental appointments may cause them late- may be excused. Not less than 20 minutes!! (elem- agreement)

MS,HS, only 1st period is marked absent , 2nd pd. (absent if not there 2nd period)

Truant referrals must include

Statement from the school certifying TPMs were applied and they failed

State if child is eligible for or receives Special Ed services

The truancy court shall dismiss the referral if these statements are not included.

Deep Dive Felipe Vargas

Data Driven Instruction

4 fundamental keys to DDI

1. Assessment: Roadmap to Rigor ; assessment tool selection drives level of rigor of instruction; transparent starting point ; reassess

2. Assessment Application

3. Analysis "How a leader uses the time he or she spends analyzing the assessments with the teachers is what dictates results. Paul Bambrick- Santoyo, Leverage Leadership p. 35

4. Analysis Application : Lead effective analysis meeting

Assessment, analysis, and action plans are meaningless if they are not implemented." Santoyo

Planning, Implementation, Monitoring

laura's Deep dive : Reading block non-negotiables

3- year Data for Writing and Reading presented

Creating the path for Improvement :

Solid Leadership team - able and willing to create capacity within their "power zone"

Solid PLC system - structured for success

Horizontal and Vertical PLC weekly

Vertical once a month

resistance especially ELL teachers teaching Math and need to collaborate with

Reading teachers

Principal must monitor and be a part of this - place in your calendar! [or at least get in touch with your coaches and department heads]

Planning Tool Kit

1st phase: analysis goals kit TEKS; Lead 4ward , curr maps ACP semester blueprints

STAAR blue prints Question stems , IQ

2nd phase recurrent instructional calendar

implementation ACP blue print

lesson plan

Daily 5 (60-90-120 min blocks) small group instruction , guided reading


ELPS (Listeniong, Speaking, Reading, Writing)

math,Reading, Scienceand Social Studies

Reader's Wshop Word Study Writer's WShop


ELA-SLA Balanced literacy model