Natural Selection

By Erica Pantous

What Is "Natural Selection"?

Natural Selection is the idea that species in an environment can develop traits to be more fit to survive. To be "fit" means that the species is able to survive well enough to produce fertile offspring.

Example of Natural Selection

The Leafy Sea Dragon is a great example of Natural Selection. Their bodies developed leafy appendages to blend in with the seaweed of its surrounding habitat.

Why is it Natural Selection?

This is a great example of Natural Selection because this species had developed a trait to help it survive. Predators have a difficult time hunting the Leafy Sea Dragon because of its "leaves".

What determines Natural Selection?

The environment around a species decides what traits organisms need to survive and reproduce. The Leafy Sea Dragon lives in Seaweed rich area, so its camouflage is especially helpful.

How could it go extinct?

The leafy sea dragon's main asset is its "leafy" coat. If the species were to find themselves in an environment that has a large plant deficiency, then they could become endangered or even die out completely.