Grassland Biomes

By: Lindsey Dickens


Grassland Biomes


Western North America, South Eastern South America, Eastern and Western Eurasia, and Southern Africa


There are many types of grasslands around the world. Some of the grasslands are tropical and some are dry grasslands. Grasslands in North America are known as Prairies, and in South America they are known as the Pampas. Eurasia has the Steppes, and in South Africa they are called Savanna and Veldt. The mean temperatures for the prairie in January is 20° F, and 70° F in July. Annual precipitation is 10-30 inches. The Veldt is in South Africa and is pretty much like a savanna, except in the southern hemisphere. Pampas of Argentina has moist, tropical air dominates this area and there is a lot of rain. The Steppes have a cold, dry climate. Here you find short-grass type of plants.

Types of Plants:

Buffalo Grass, Sunflower, Crazy Weed, Asters, Blazing Stars, Coneflowers, Goldenrods, Clover, and Wild Indigos

Types of Animals:

Coyotes, Eagles, Bobcats, the Gray Wolf, Wild Turkey, Fly Catcher, Canadian Geese, Crickets, Dung Beetle, Bison, and Prairie Chicken