Finding Nemo

By: Hannah Phillips

A Movie Review Using Aristotle's Techniques

  1. Plot- the plot in finding Nemo is when Nemo swims away his dad has to go on a search to find him in the big ocean.
  2. Character- This movie has three main characters including Nemo, his dad Marlin, and Dory. They execute the plot of this story and make it funny and interesting.
  3. Thought- There are many themes and messages in shown in this story one of them is the importance of teamwork. This is shown when Dory and Marlin have to work together to find Nemo and save him. Another message is to listen to your parents because they are there to keep you safe and for protection. This is shown when Marlin warns Nemo to not swim away, but Nemo doesn't listen and ends up getting captured.
  4. Diction- The diction is very encouraging and sometimes funny. An example would be Dory's famous quote "Just keep swimming." and a quote said by the sharks is "fish are friends, not food."
  5. Sound- The music in this film is mainly instrumental, and is played at an exciting, scary, or sad part of the movie.
  6. Spectacle- I would say this movie doesn't put to much of an emphasis on spectacle because it takes place in the great wide ocean. The spectacle is mainly shown through the characters, like you know you close to the Australian current when your near the turtles!